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Professional Technical Grammars

Therefore the subject results again in which professional it requires the market the next decade Ask to him the companies if it requires but nonuniversity technicians of mean level or superior or Professionals, who Professional College students, the Australians published days ago 150,000 jobs, the majority of them for technicians and professionals, very few Post Graduated. Credit: Edward Minskoff-2011. Finally, I believe that is due to break with the paradigm of Education Superior = University, What happens with the Technicians of mean level that would have to form and to try on in the Professional Technical Grammars school, that pass with the Professional Institutes and the Centers of Technical Formation, that lacks the equitable financing which they hold the traditional universities. The industralists need manpower described and on not described. The levels of rent of a level technician superior, at the moment hold university professionals. Error of the companies because the dissatisfaction degree quickly affects the yield of the young professional. The companies have rent scales on the base of the minimum and legal maximum, unlike the public companies have that it by degrees. This generates that the labor supply of the prevailed ones is oriented to maximize the resources and to look for the best thing by the smaller price, although later million are spent in post degrees and specialization of its professionals.

Really this problematic view to the eyes of the company he is not very excellent, with the consideration that would have to be it, because it is so the dissosciation between supply labor and demand of use, that in one more decade we will be thinking about extending pre degrees because the costs of the specialization post contract are too high for the companies. As it happens today in Europe with the questionings to return to labor days with a major I number of weekly hours, in Chile this already is a problem, if they do not create ask to me to him the companies of Continuous Production, the majority of them with untenable operational costs in manpower and great part of them besides the law. We are in time in education matters, I reiterate: they ask to him the companies.