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Auswitch Birkenau

Do it is sad to compare events from the German past with what has happened and is happening in COLOMBIA and the events protagonized by forces outside the law, and at the same time the same forces of the State to participate in such tragedies, where this justice?. Where this the morale of the people where the same rulers make accomplices and henchmen are such villanies, where this God to dead case? The same church mutes the clamor of voices of innocent people who ask for true justice. Only a handful of attributable are confessing their sins before a small portion of society that not inmuta to such appalling fact and where the Government itself has its dark roots and then talk about something which is neither known justice assert I Dios. By all the innocents killed in the field of my country in the hands of guerrillas who do not know or that fight, by paramilitaries, drug traffickers and landowners with a thirst for wealth at the expense of the blood of innocent I write this paper that will only feed the fire of fervent consciousness of the righteous of heart and noble soul. AUSWITCH BIRKENAU is only the reflection of the making a hapless mortal with a thirst for power by controlling puppet that executed orders as which dog butcher House to his master, the same is at COLOMBIA mine, many of the men who swore before God and the flag protect the innocent, and only now are the actors dressed in black of the gloomy horror feature; trained by a stranger come from the same cradle of the worldly people of God that stains the Palestinian camps with blood of children covered by the indiscreet layer of vengeance, if we are talking about the israeli people came a mercenary to train paramilitary, I speak of strange people on this earth that comes to teach how to exterminate innocent peasant and Sir common speak of strangers who traffic with life that trade with the death of innocents, and call heroes themselves where this difference between the ill-fated reign of terror from ADOLF HITLER and the murderers in COLOMBIA, are safeguarded by Governments, that hide them society skinned and mutilated by the horrors of famine, kidnapping, poverty and the same ignorance that we join the few who believe that God is dead. Justice! This town crying truth! ROBINSON SUAREZ MD..