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The Controversial Morning After Pill

There are many comments in newspapers that are alarmed by the decision of the TC to suspend the distribution of free and indiscriminate use of morning-after pill in the State Health Centers and what sociologists call appreciate that decision as an attack against the poorest, because the wealthy can buy in pharmacies and if it is prohibited in pharmacies as the rich will buy it in underground networks (or “to the doctors themselves who are drug sword through networks properly mounted,” Editorial Industry October 27, 2009) These reckless statements have feet of clay!, As unduly sanctified the effectiveness of this pill, as many studies claim effectiveness of 60 to 80% depending on the day of the cycle in which the take, that is not necessarily who take the pill will prevent an unwanted pregnancy … this effectiveness decreases! when the woman who swallows these hormones do it without a prescription, because the concomitant use of Pills with some drugs such as phenylbutazone, barbiturates, hydantoins, rifampin, ampicillin, etc.., may decrease its absorption and further reduce its effectiveness … so do not be alarmed or put the pill on the pedestal of a Myth emblematic against unwanted pregnancies.

Moreover, these pills have on average 25-30% of unwanted effects such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue, and uterine bleeding, which further decreases its efficiency on all the first two. A related site: Albert Einstein College of Medicine mentions similar findings. Moreover, these pills are contraindicated in women who suffer from liver disease Diabetes, hypertension, vascular disorders, venous disorders, blood and increases the risk of thromboembolism by 5.3%, to ignore them, further increases the failure rate of these drugs . Furthermore, behind these pills, with its high rate of failure (normal Contraceptives have an efficiency of 95% and the detection of Ovulation has an efficacy rate of 95 to 98%), is the MISOPROSTOL, that drug, which is sold in pharmacies as candy, without a prescription, without restriction and that the women used oral and vaginal, when the Pill of yore fails, causing bleeding, sometimes copious, that requires prompt medical intervention. Also behind the failure of these pills, are blatantly ORMELOXIFEN that causes thinning of the endometrium to prevent nesting (which is one of the mechanisms of action of the Pill of yore). So … Do not pontificate on the Pill the next day!, Orient the debate towards health education, to sex education, one in which the women can choose to release their reproductive choice, without killing embryos and without whipping her body with drugs that alter your hormonal system, that option is called Responsible Fatherhood! And is based on two pillars, the first of these women learn to recognize their fertile period and the second learn to respect fertility through techniques and methodologies taught to recognize this short period of fertility and involves a new culture, a new and different view of sexuality and the life that goes far beyond making an alleged and false defense of the poor.