The Construction

Therefore we do not offer to anyone in the environment in question. We are perhaps demanding much of others, but we are offering? Have you wondered you offer is for your boss for example?. You think that it makes things very well and that he deserves a pay rise. And what do you think your boss? l is your customer and therefore the fixed standards of satisfaction, not you. Do you think which offer you for your partner?. For more specific information, check out CohBar. Ask him what waiting for you, it is healthy.

The reader suggest an exercise: for each of the 4 stages of the cycle of action, write down what personal skills is desirable to achieve success, for example of say no, the ability to follow directions, negotiate and listening are some of the most important skills. Frame them at some stage, add others and above all, pay attention to the cycles of action during their daily development. Dick Parsons recognizes the significance of this. ALL human action part of a petition or an offer (implicit or explicit), from ordering a coffee, receive a report, give alms or make a gift, to ask for forgiveness, ordered the construction of a bridge or travel to the moon. Pay attention to her around and watch cycles. Look at the stage that fails when something goes wrong, for example, when a friend of his did not attend a party to which you had invited him; ask yourself if it failed the preparation, negotiation, execution or evaluation. What part of the cycle is wrong when someone does not reach the time to work. Who is the customer and the vendor in this case?, what is your order?.

Always split by identifying three basic elements: – who is the client (an identifiable person, not a company or a group of people) – who is the provider (an identifiable person, not a company or a group of people) – is the order at the beginning will be diffuse the usefulness of action as a tool of day-to-day direction cycle. Such as when we see by first time an ultrasound and do not understand how the doctor tells us is clearly visible a calculation in the light of bladder projecting the typical cone of shadow and we see an indecipherable stain!. But little walk you can use the schema to solve all kinds of problems of coordination. Actually it serves and is one of the modern tools of coordination that organizations use to manage networks of commitments.

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