The Development Of Super Fine Crushing

The representative of the foreign production crusher factories are Germany Hazemag, KHD Krupp, Dragon Company, Kawasaki, Japan, the United States Cedarapids, Inc. (formerly Iowa Machinery Company), Svedala, Sweden and Spain Rorrer company. After the the Hazemag 1942 promoting the first crusher, its structure did not change much, mainly used in the crushing of soft rock materials. KHD has launched a hard rock crusher, and expand the use of the crusher scale. Kawasaki, Japan, the company purchased the the Hazemag the company s production license, the products is the same as HuemS. Shanghai Road and Bridge and Shanghai multi-Ling building designed and launched the hard rock crusher on the basis of absorbed KHD company Advantages. Jorge Perez often says this. Svedala has-been acquisited by Nordber, so the development trend of the crusher after the merger riordber company still can not predict. Besides the impact crusher used in the second stage of working, The Cedarapids also introduced broken large crusher for the first paragraph.

The have high efficiency, large crushing ratio, fine grain size product, the crushed phenomenon is less, saving energy consumption, simple structure, low cost, stable operation, convenient maintenance these advantages. The vertical shaft impact crusher had caused widespread concern of the domestic and foreign manufacturers due to the above advantages, it developed very rapidly since the 1990s and constantly widen the range of applications by the cement industry of sand extended to mine metal and nonmetal mines ore the ultra – fine crushing. The vertical shaft impact crusher first appeared in the 1950s, the multi-level vertical shaft impact crusher first appeared in Germany, mainly for brittle soft rock materials, due to the wear and tear issues, the scope of application to be greatly restricted. However, because of its small size, crushing ratio is large and many advantages, it is also attracted the attention of the gravel industry and mining sector. The single-layer structure of the vertical shaft impact crusher is developed in the 1950s, Signs of initial progress is the appearance of vertical shaft centrifugal crusher, which was the VHF Superfine crusher the New Zealand the TIDCO company in Germany displayed in 1970s, its excellent process performance, gravel sector are also the characteristics people love, but due to the wear problem, it has not been promoted. In the mid-1980s, after the TIDCLO company was acquisited by Swedish Svadala Group, they launched a stone at the stone (Rock on Rock) since the lining type Bamare vertical shaft impact crusher, and has been applied in the sand industry.

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