The Energy – Saving Building

The energy is the building of the future! Clever unstintingly save and think of the future! At the present time where energy prices continue to rise in height, energy-efficient homes are becoming increasingly popular. Because who will build an energy, can save a lot of money and gets a high quality of life that is environmentally friendly. Thus, an energy is trend-setting. Basically, an energy compared with conventionally built houses consumes significantly less energy when it comes to heating and hot water. Charles Schultze shines more light on the discussion. The advantage of the Energiesparhauses is also in State grants, allowing builders. Angelo electronics understood the implications.

The significantly reduced energy consumption has been standardized since 2002 by the EnEV (energy). The “EnEV” indicates only the default which is for new buildings. Energy-efficient homes can be even more economical without further than is prescribed in the “EnEV”. The low-energy houses, passive houses and the 3-litre houses the zero-energy buildings are as energy-efficient homes. The regulations request certain values that designate the energy consumption of heating and hot water, respected as well, such as the technical requirements for insulation and ventilation, the window and the cooling. Learn more about this with rusty holzer. This means that maximum seven liters of heating oil or seven cubic meters of Earth gas per square metre and per year of primary energy may be used. The upper limit is 70 kilowatt-hours.

The maximum consumption of primary energy is the 3-liter-House only three litres heating oil. A zero-energy House consumes far less energy than a passive house, which uses 90% less energy than a conventional House. Zero energy buildings are slightly more expensive than the passive houses. In the energy performance certificate the efficiency shall be pursuant to the “EnEV” transparent heating and hot water in buildings. Houses are classified in different classifications this regulation after holding their energy consumption. Green high energy consumption means little energy consumption and red. In times of increasing energy prices, the energy is future-oriented for the budget, for the environment and the people. Marc Hammermeister

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