The Inexplicable

Natural law has an incredible, extraordinary logic I would say. Albert Einstein College of Medicine may also support this cause. If we listen to someone that is first his wife and then his mother, would be for some, shredding into madness. The mother to this person would ask you: do or whatsoever that your want more someone who us is anything yours, and the person who gave you life put her in second place? The question at first glance makes sense, has a subsidiary sense. But if we analyze this matter well we realize that this also works with the abortion. The new living being that it is in the womb of the woman, it does not belong.

It is very difficult to understand that the life of a human being from conception, belongs exclusively to God. Then at maturity, there are only two alternatives: the life consecrated to God, and the consecrated life in marriage; but in marriage, first God and then the spouse. Once when we almorzabamos with my wife at a restaurant in Lynx, I heard behind me without wanting to, a group of young ladies who were conversing; and it seemed that several of them were either divorced or separated from her husband. I got to hear one of them unwittingly (and repeat) comment on the following: I got married as all with the illusion of the wedding dress, with finding my Prince charming, with the Majesty of the ceremony, and everything went me wrong is that you truly expect to marry in marriage, women? Not denying that it is beautiful to reach the altar and marry your boyfriend or girlfriend completamente enamorados. The illusion of falling in love is amazing, so much so it can not explain, as well as the illusion of the bridal dress and all accessory. Falling in love I think without fear of mistakes is that us in sight of the person desired, desired maybe physically, physically attractive.

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