The Mother

Likewise eliminate complexes that we have stopped our development, as is the case of the complex of inferiority, since by the fact of being colonized you don’t want to say enslaved, but seek the modality of master student. With the sentence so we had to live and no way, this is false since it depends on one’s own for exceeds and be an example of motivation for others. Another element of mention is indifference, because with the phrase so I do it, if they don’t change anything; It is time to demand it, we motor to change the situation and not wait for others to come to save us or get us out of our condition. On the other hand is working on theories that can take forward the enterprising spirit of the Mexican, not adopting doctrines from abroad since they are adapted for them, since they know the way of thinking and acting of its peoples. Autocratic leadership in Mexico have been, thanks also to the complex of submission and male chauvinism, which has been taught by the mothers of these. It is one of the mask that the Mexican has.

It doesn’t matter if he is either friendly or despotic, he is the only one who gives orders, maintains the work plan and its figure rotates around the social circle. It doesn’t matter that the decisions you make are correct. We can likewise talk of leadership by gender, if the man pursues what is patriarchy and if it is exercised by the mother is Matriarchy. In a question-answer forum 660 Fifth Ave was the first to reply. The status that gives the social group leader must be in accordance with the ideology of the group which directs, he becomes kind of Messiah, a figure impossible to achieve, since if you are under the same conditions of equality of the members of the group, it loses this quality of divinity. Such is the case of political leaders, which does not seek the welfare of all, but certain groups that allow them to stay in that place.

They never show their true intentions, since power corrupts them and seek first the own benefit. The privileges are the product of leadership and culturally accepted by the population, so much so that they are considered as an obligation and not as a reward for his work. It is necessary to define the characteristics of the Mexican leader current, do not choose impossible to achieve stereotypes or complexes. A leader understands the complexity and diversity of the conduct of the Mexican, and that their actions can take it to another level social, economic and cultural, to confront the changing globalized world and the threats that entails.

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