The Problem

3Rd match negative: when it was given the name of the employee who had made the sale so that the latter confirmed as the purchase had been made to high, found that the employee had taken license just that day. 4Th match negative: before these circumstances the plumber (who had already made other works to the owner) that it wasn’t very patient, says he declined to do the work. And the days were still passing unplaced Thermo. Having to solve this new problem that had aroused I advise the owner to let my plumber to do the job. Before I have to clarify that she had ruled out him input in another earlier work because he said that it was more expensive. While this was true, it was because it worked better, fast and diligent.

Usually in plumbing (in the) extent that not an important remodeling) no se piden budgets, it is simply called the plumber’s trust and becomes do quick work to fix the problem. Since otherwise if every time there is work to do, one requests a budget and does not give work to the previous one, it never more appears. I.e., if one knows that this Guild works well and always gained reasonably pointless walk asking for budgets and without knowing if the new plumber is going to do a good job to make matters worse. In short, the owner before the aggravation of the problem accepted my plumber to do the work (clarifying that the plumber only did so to make a favor to me). 5Th match negative: before proceeding should clarify that for this height they had already spent several days and the tenant had sent a letter to me, informing me of the requirement that it solved the problem within 48 hours. At this point the problem which was no longer mine I had brushed against and I had to be answering the letter document with another of the same caliber, delimiting responsibilities, since it was only an intermediary and that my role for this legal communication was only transmit to the owner with another letter document, since the same era who should put the money for the purchase of the thermos.

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