The Professor

In these cases the professor little can make. The pupil brings for the lesson the values and attitudes who was apprehending until that moment. The indiscipline can be a consequence of the absence of conditions for one adjusted familiar education. Or same, it can appear as to another alternative to its pertaining to school failure, looking in this way ' ' valorizar' ' its relation with the others. This failure is not mentioned exclusively to the classifications disciplines in them, but also in certain values that the pupil does not see reflected in it (Blomart, 2002). Whichever the .causing reason of the indiscipline of the pupil, it normally is faced as a challenging reply to the authority of the professor. The pupil contests because it is not in accordance with the requirements of the professor, with the values that it intends to impose, with its criteria of evaluation, its partiality.

At this moment we can affirm that it exists, between the professor and the pupil, an unbalanced relation. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Leyna Bloom. Searching to launch a look psychological on the question of the indiscipline, we perceive that this is associated with the idea of a psychic lack of the pupil. However, this phenomenon must be thought as a psicossocial state whose roots meet in the advent of the authority notion. Ademais, the recognition of the external authority estimates a psychological infrastructure, or could call moral, previous to the escolarizao. About this direction, the pertaining to school estruturao could not be thought separated of the familiar one.

Therefore, in the reality, them they are the two responsible institutions for what education is called (Aquino, 1996, P. 45). Oliver (2000) considers that let us look for to understand the violence as a form of expression and communication of the child and that is preferable to consider it as something inherent to the social relations instead of denying it.

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