The Time

Most of the time are not even aware be critiquing or criticizing us. Babies we accept life as it was. Growing up we incorporate opinions of others to our belief system and started to accept them and consider them as their own. Thus, we learned to criticize. Connect with other leaders such as Nir Barzilai, M.D. here. It is possible to make us believe that to be a good person, responsible and efficient it was necessary to criticasemos ourselves. This is quite uncertain: the criticisms do not but impose on us the belief that we are useless, not leaving it dips the good that is in us. A person who criticizes tends to be heavily criticized.

What we got back. Usually what we criticise in others is precisely what we don’t like about ourselves. To criticize us we reject aspects of ourselves and punish us for not being perfect: eating in excess, sick, smoking, drinking too much, eating food that does not benefit us, etc but for who we want to be perfect? Do we want to meet the demands and expectations of someone from our childhood? Deciding to leave behind that! Simply know. You will discover that you are a wonderful person as you are today. If reading this raises you thoughts such as: Yes, but does not speak for me or if I knew things so ugly there is in me, not know how badly I porto, then have not understood that you are a wonderful person as you are now; you do the best you can based on your knowledge, consciousness, and evolution of this precise moment. When ceases criticism and arises the respect and acceptance by one’s self is a delight get up every morning and share a day with yourself. You’ll discover more positive ways of satisfying your needs and express what you really are. Each of us have a unique role in the Earth, paper that we oscurecemos to criticize us.

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