The Vast

Some parents show their authority with rigidity and are not able to be flexible and tolerant with situations and circumstances. Others are too lax, and are incapable of correcting, discipline and establish clear and specific limits. There are other parents who oscillate between both styles, sometimes become rigid, and others, completely lax. It is important to reflect in its forms and ways of establishing the authority with their children, in that way, perhaps, can realize that is what Yes running him and what not, your relationship with them. No relationship is so significant and important as this wonderful and Super parental relationship with the children.

However, the nature of it, at times becomes conflictive and full of disappointments. Is it possible, little what this person, by which I live, me desvelo, work, comes to be so impertinent to me, in addition to unleash me sensations and more sublime feelings, the more unpleasant and also. Somehow we can deal more with those aspects of our children that make us feel comforted, proud, good parents, but when they are unleashed feelings such as anger, frustration, helplessness, claim, envy, then because we both feel that we are the worst parents don’t like and that what we are doing very, very, bad relationships parents and children, as every human relationship, is subject to the conflict. However, the vast majority of parents crave and keeps the expectation of that relationship with their children, should always be harmonious. Big mistake! All parents want their children to be happy.

Of course that all yearn for that happiness, success and victory for them, but that does not mean that they have to be with the smile on your face all the time. Sinn embargo, when we see them angry or frustrated, worried, angustiamos us. And, what is worse! We will miss todita guilt. It is necessary to reflect on these aspects that determine the life between parents and children.

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