Transparent Configuration Management

Inconsistencies and insufficient transparency are accurately monitored by piTop to the most common problems in the configuration management configuration guard the change processes and makes them clearer ohringen, 09.11.2009 – the Software House piTop supplemented with the new product configuration guard the change and configuration management in an SAP environment. This solution aims to control the change processes, so that the typical problems in the configuration management eliminates traceable at any time. These include above all the common overlooked by inconsistencies and a low transparency in the change processes, according to a recent study by piTop. As a slim designed tool configuration guard supports the activity of Configuration Manager without major operating and implementation costs. Its principal benefit is to reduce the error rate in the production environment and to reduce the manual processing effort. For this purpose the tool brings a clear overview in software development and provides for effective control of configuration management tasks.

Creating tables of contents for the transport requests is one of the central features of configuration guard for SAP environments on the one hand. The program analyse the open transfer orders (TA) and generates a table of contents of the objects that are contained in the various transport. This table of contents is stored together with the respective status of transport jobs (released”or in progress”) in a SQL database. A checklist will be provided using this SQL database configuration manager, is in the logs, if more open transfer orders exist for an object and where he may have maintained changes. Also, he learns through this checklist, if exists a transported object in other environments, where it must also be adjusted.

This check list is created automatically by using the standard user exits when you release of a transport request. In addition is a systematic dialogue for your own queries available the Configuration Manager. A second core element of the tools configuration guard of piTop applies where-used lists from ABAP source code generation. This function module creates a file called ABAPs and customizing entries. Steffan Lehnhoff can provide more clarity in the matter. The checklist that generated tells about which dependent objects (sub objects that have come through a different transport at the appropriate environment) there. In addition, the user gets feedback whether dynamic invocations in the source are included.

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