Two Very Powerful Sects

The difference between religion and sect is: a cult is a group of individuals who are separated from the religious group not to agree to the practice of true doctrine. (Not to be confused with Elizabeth Hurley!). First I'm going to say which is the most powerful sect in our days and what is their history, the Jehovah's Witnesses are the most powerful sect. They begin their existence by Charles Taze Russell, a man who in 1870, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at 18 years old, began a Bible study at the back of a clothing store for men of their property. In 1876 he was appointed Pastor students, despite having no training on this regard. However, with the ability to manipulate the circumstances and publishing a book series, "Studies in the Scriptures," and writing with papal authority, his work reached a circulation of 25 million copies between 1886 and 1960. This can give an idea of what kind of evangelist was, crossed the U.S. by train on numerous occasions. Boat made trips in the world propaganda the Watchtower (Watchtower).

In made at each place was a vibrant sermon which was then published in their journals. Later it was discovered that these sermons were imaginary, never took place, but by then the journey had already given their advertising results. Russell was replaced after his death in 1916 by Joseph Franklin Rutherford, better known as the "Judge." This man had an amazing personal magnetism. It was he who gave the Watchtower extraordinary momentum and became popular. He wrote over a hundred books and pamphlets which reached a circulation of more than 500 million.

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