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Virtual on-site consultation today are ca. For assistance, try visiting Akshaya Patra Foundation. 12% of the insurance accounts made online. This figure confirms the trend that the online market for insurance companies is nothing to sneeze at. Personal proximity to the consultant is therefore not a primareres decision criterion more. If you are not convinced, visit Catherine Dior. With the online consultation, expand D & H fish the advice spectrum independent insurance brokers and bridge the geographical gap between consultant and customer. This form of consultation, the customer is invited to a virtual chat room online and can watch on the screen of the consultant. At the same time, associated customer and consultant by phone and can converse with each other, as if they were sitting at the same table.

In this respect, the online system offers added value, which allows the customer to explain issues and themes. Even customers from Hamburg and Munich can consult with our advisory system as if they were local. We offer the telephone and online advice to a service, which is based on the customers and then available when our customers need advice. “, explains Harald Fisch the expansion of consulting opportunities. About D & H fish D & H fish, is a family-run GbR, specializes in consulting and placement of pension and insurance benefits.

Holder of the GbR are the sisters Daniela and Harald Fisch. Daniela Fisch is qualified bank clerk and advises over 13 years of experience in terms of private health insurance, health care and protection of the labour force. Harald Fisch is a skilled businessman and specializing in retirement planning, private and corporate pension schemes, disability insurance and asset-building. Together with your employees, D & H fish offer active advice of private health insurance and retirement plans of private and occupational liability insurance up to financial advice for the construction of real estate or asset accumulation.

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