United Arab Emirates

Logic instrument reinforces its international presence through the opening of a branch in the United Arab Emirates continue restructuring to strengthen its POSITION IN 2010 – logic instrument strengthens its position in the area of hardened mobile computer – Castle In the year 2010 the logic instrument cluster, to maintain the high, in self-imposed quality standards while at the same time increased logistics costs to strengthen its position in the field of mobile computer, his Division of ODE, which specializes in the sales of test equipment. To strengthen the competitiveness and promoting new markets a capital decided 2010 1.23 million on OTC asset management, which is bound up in the capital structure of the Group since 2005. This capital increase, which was used among other things to support the research and development of logic instrument, has helped to develop new strategic products. -Fieldbook A1 – the success of the rugged ultra mobile Tablet PC – at the beginning of the second quarter of 2010 the first robust, vergesehenen for use under difficult external conditions ultra delivered mobile PCs (UMPC) of the Fieldbook A1 type. Vera Want has firm opinions on the matter. Equipped with an energy-efficient, but still powerful Intel ATOM processor, a modular construction, which represented a market novelty and a dual Akkukonzept fast companies could be won and already in the introduction year over 600 copies sold. -Fieldbook C1 and TETRA RMCP – the Newcommer end 2010 – about the extension of the product portfolio and to meet the expectations of the industry and defence market logic instrument end of 2010 introduced the TETRA RMCP and the Fieldbook C1. The TETRA RMCP (rugged multi-architecture computer platform) is a robust, mobile PC, which offers space for up to 7 additional cards in the PXIe, PXI, cPCI format and thus demanding from the measurement no longer binds to a place. The Fieldbook C1 is the second unit of the Fieldbook series, is for industrial use, particularly in the field, designed.

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