United States

German entrepreneurs in the United States craft has Golden floor! This is certainly not always and in every situation. But a solid technical training opportunities, for example, a German immigrant, who want to establish themselves with a private company in the United States, not low. Good craftsmen are are looking for people in the United States and the dual training in Germany has still a positive image. Who sent to it provides, can relatively quickly built up a loyal customer base and benefit from Word of mouth. Who’s perfect start has good chances. The important first steps for the US company helps the company ALTON LLC (www.us-corporation.org). The history of German emigrants in the United States was also a history of German craftsmen opportunities for German craft in the United States. They formed in addition to the farmers at the beginning of one of the large groups of Germans who shifted their life in the new world.

Opportunities the United States German craftsmen until today, what have long recognized also the Chambers of skilled crafts. The Successful market entry in the United States held about 2009 a seminar on the topic”Koblenz Chamber of skilled crafts. And the Handwerkskammer Hannover refers to opportunities of German companies in the areas of renewable energy, mobility, logistics, environmental technologies, air – aerospace, construction, infrastructure and conservative energy (oil / gas) and maritime economy. That will give up not only those craftsmen sit up with her German operating an expansion plan in the United States, but also those who want to establish themselves as German craftsmen in the United States. The United States remains a highly interesting and lucrative market for German craftsmen”, wrote the Handwerkskammer Koblenz 2009. This still applies even after two years! Construction crafts, antique furniture and German sausage example for craft working operation, which deliberately placed journal in Florida as a German construction company in the United States on the US market, is ability construction Inc.

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