Universe Expansion

The galaxies? 2. The expansion of the universe? 3. For even more analysis, hear from Martin Seligman. The universe is contracted? 4. Meteorites The CLOSING OF the UNIVERSE Galaxies Before initiating the present investigation, we must define that it is the universe or to what matter class we denominated universe. And this of a superficial way, otherwise we would create multitude of tests.

Universe: The Universe generally is defined as everything what physically exists: the totality of the space and the time, of all the forms of the matter, the energy and the impulse, the physical laws and constants govern that them. Nevertheless, the term ” universo” it can be used in slightly different contextual senses, to talk about to concepts like the cosmos, the world or the nature. A little history: you would remember that a denominated system existed ” geocentrismo” this teoraafirmaba that the Earth is the center of the universe and that all the planets even ” sol” they turned around the Earth. System proposed by Ptolomeo in century II in its work the Almagesto. – This served so that the church deceived the men, saying to them that for being the Earth the center of the universe, the position of the man was nearest God. and by their position the representatives of God in the Earth were jerarcas of the church. The signallers of you of Earth God.

This was used for the domination and the operation. The religion and the power. Heliocentrismo: this theory affirmed that all the planets among them the Earth turned around the sun. Reason for which the church feared that the men were conscious of this truth. We remember that the parents of the church, by means of its members got to contemplate this discovery. But that they preferred to deny it to conscience. Since most important it was not the truth and if to be able.

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