Valley Real

With all the respect in the world for the municipalities of Tenerife which I will mention (in fact I live and work as a lawyer in) one of them), but perhaps Los Realejos can afford endure a few years without a new roundabout, or La Orotava without a handful of traffic lights more, to say the least. Perhaps combining all the resources of the municipalities in the Valley, for example, to the coveted Marina in Puerto de la Cruz, you could have given beginning. Or when less to a dignified promenade. And all workers in the area, ultimately work close to their homes, if avoiding displacement was what was intended. Moreover, structural reforms need decades to begin to seem as a tangible reality.

And how could it be otherwise in a time of crisis, again the demagogic debate about the desirability of reducing severance and guarantees of workers. The companies, trying to optimize its activity, take market employees who need. One more, nor one less. Certainly if expectations are positive, are more predisposed to hiring, and if they are negative, to say goodbye. Given its ineffectiveness, forget all the good intentions, which being benevolent can give results in the medium or long term, and focus on a shock treatment, at least while the fever does not cease to be extreme. Is it not develop hundreds of measures, but tackle a couple of them with pragmatism.

Personally I am convinced that the crisis is not real estate, but financial. There is no money in the credit markets, and therefore, there is no consumption. This pays via savings, or loan. Shining both by its absence, there is no potential buyers, so we even reached the stage of price fixing. It is a fallacy to say that the buildings are over valued by 10%, 40% or 100%. To real effects, they have no market price.

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