Venezuelan University

See if really in the Venezuelan case that involves us, if universities are si las universidades estan renegotiating and redefining its relations with civil society, with its various economic partners and the public in many different ways in general. The concepts of adult education and lifelong learning are fundamental in this institutional redefinition. Lifelong learning can only carry out if builds bridges between the members of the academic community, socio-cultural and economic realities that surround them and the actions of citizens every day trying to create better conditions of life and work the universities are open to persons with different professional background and to offer new forms of continuous training. They have become more sensitive to the needs of the community and active professionals, as well as to the educational aspirations of the current generation of adult citizens. To be able to cope with the challenges of global economic competition and new technologies, it requires a new partnership between the universities and various economic agencies. More and more often are being asked to institutions of higher education that transformed its shape and basic structure to become lifelong learning institutions, allowing both the unemployed and employed persons to have access to educational opportunities appropriate at different times, in different ways, for different purposes, in various stages of their careers. Definitely as UNESCO points out, prompted the universities both in its functions of training and research to address social issues urgent as health, welfare, women and technology transfer appropriate for communities. Knowledge in these new fields are generated through the interaction with the community; curricula are adapting to the life of people and many are opening new pathways of learning. In conclusion the Venezuelan University, you must empathize more with its reality more now that it faces new challenges as the caused by the current Government of Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez of wanting to establish so-called socialism of the 21st century, which has led to manifest a very turbulent scenario, risk, uncertain which has not only affected the business sector of the country causing unproductivedependence on imported products, as well as it has seriously affected the functionality, successful operation of the universities, which have consistently generated serious protests, work stoppages, because academic excellence has deteriorated seriously attributed in part to the anemic budget to ensure adequate on this functionality transition faced with policies that the Government has established.

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