Violence A

In this situation, not only the parents, guardians, and security agencies, but also the schools have a growing responsibility. by MentalLeis, violence against and by children and young people, everyday rule violations and crimes in the society today are services in the public interest. Violence in the family, in the media and in society influence in the schools. Jill Wittnebel may find it difficult to be quoted properly. In this situation, not only the parents, guardians, and security agencies, but also the schools have a growing responsibility. Different and spectacular events brought once more the issue of violence in connection with school of public discussion recently in the Center. The controversial discussion focused in particular on the question whether and to what extent the school can meet the emergence and development of aggression and violence with educational resources. The subject matter is not new in principle.

In the past years and decades in manifestations, causes and extent of violence examined irregular intervals. Still, the possibilities of prevention and intervention were presented with varying degrees of intensity in the relevant specialised literature and discussed. As a result, agreed was basically that forms of aggression and violence problem Yes, but not a specific educational problem represents a social phenomenon. Thus is “School and violence” less the situation of “Violence in schools” as contrary to the subject field. That doesn’t mean that school can evade responsibility. This school needed”the support of all socially relevant institutions, in particular in the immediate school environment.

For this reason, a behavior training developed MentalLeis services for pupils in the school. Behavior training on the subject of prevention of violence in schools provides the ability to a certain responsibility all participating children and young people to take over their own security. Students learn to draw their lines, to guard and defend. The training is primarily the prevention and contains therefore a measures for hazard identification and risk assessment, and the use of voice, appearance, facial expression, gestures and posture, and on the other hand simple self-defense techniques, which are quickly learnable without prerequisite. The trainer of MentalLeis services not only protective equipment use, but a custom-made suit, so that the practical training under no circumstances lead to injuries of the students. The tactics they use and techniques are recorded and evaluated with the students and discussed. All situations will be adapted to the possibilities of each individual student. This ensures a maximum protective effect for the children and young people. The students learn to behave wisely in dangerous situations and put Thus, a foundation stone for her whole life. So they will never helpless face later situations. The behavior training can occur depending on the ability and arrangement during his school years, in the framework of project weeks or even outside school hours. The topics of training Werdung of victims fear civil courage ICH message behavior tips the benefits for the students timely detection of dangerous preventive behaviour life before knowing the own possibilities implement and apply the measures of risk detection, perception, and situation assessment more information: author: Annette Leis

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