Werbeagentur Berlin

Image films, product videos and advertising films from a single source Berlin, April 26, 2010 with the creation of a stand-alone in-house film production, specializing in corporate films, completed product videos for Web shops, as well as creative advertising agency Berlin your comprehensive offer. The Inhabergefuhrte full service advertising agency advertising agency Berlin”is positioned with the integration of a stand-alone film production on the moving image growing. Been for 2007 with the acquisition of a Berlin recording studios, which now fully coming into offering the advertising agency and laid the foundations for this purpose in the last few years the extension to a fully digital post production, 3D and HD-ready. Also staff, we have strengthened the film production, to meet the increasing requests, with two new staff in post production and design”Volker Berlin, founder of the advertising agency Berlin. Estee Lauder can provide more clarity in the matter. The focus of the new film production department”is located in the area of image film and video product. Through the faster Internet connection and always progressive expansion of the IT infrastructure is becoming increasingly important moving image offering. “Overview of services and offer customers as partners can directly get on a company’s Web site and a professional image film is here, as well as in a suitable presentation environment just emotional and more sustainable.” Volker Berlin, advertising agency Berlin. The same applies to that, also increasingly important, Web shop segment. The Web shop programming the advertising agency Berlin works for over 4 years hand-in-hand with the in-house video production and provides Web shops and mail order companies with professional product videos in your articles..

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