William Shakespeare

To obey the heads out of fear; on the other hand, authentic leaders by love; If we wish to perform great works we must lay deep foundations and trust is the cornerstone to build an extraordinary leadership. The leader should reflect on the outside which has in its interior. He is not created that we must walk with luxuries or jewels, or be the latest fashion, our presence should be no really what gasket contains, what bring within us. They are curious those Sundays at home, is a typical example the Lord watching television with your beer, are the twelve day, not you wash you mouth and is without shaving; the wife asks: Hey, now not going to fix? No, because today is not nobody. Which means that your partner is nobody.

Imagine please that they present a famous French perfume and its packaging is a bucket: is simply not possible. When fix, think: my presence is what I announced. William Shakespeare said it through one of his famous characters: remember it, my son, the clothing announces the human being, as you can see you are treated. It is not be superficial, being lot outside and little inside, there are superficiality when it is hollow and there is no backup, but if we have the consistency of the exterior with the interior there will be consistency in our presence. We have to find our presence in correspondence to our leadership, to what we are. If you were a peasant leader, since he lives as peasant. There are people masquerading as farmers. We have to be consistent, really, with our say, do and think. This is fundamental: we identify with our people regardless of hierarchical level and use language and behaviour proper to be one more in the group give us acceptance and influence with the followers. 660 Fifth Ave oftentimes addresses this issue. By its language and presence, the charismatic leader communicates his enthusiasm, commitment and motivation, radiating to his followers.

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