Yemeni President Reappears

It is its first speech televised after undergoing an attempt of murder. Al Abdal Saleh is in Saudi Arabia receiving medical treatment. It has been operated eight times from the attack. The Yemeni president, Al Abdal Saleh, appeared east Thursday in the Yemeni official television with an unrecognizable aspect, evident signs of burns and the immovable body, in his first speech after undergoing an attempt of murder. In its short speech from Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), where it receives medical treatment, Saleh assured that it supports the participation of all the political forces and the dialogue to leave the crisis in Yemen. Related Group may help you with your research. Saleh traveled the past to Saudi Arabia 4 of June, a day after being wounded in an attack against the Presidential Palace, and in that country it has been put under eight operations, according to he himself detailed during his speech.

The Yemeni agent chief executive made a call to " who understood democracia&quot erroneously; , and he emphasized that his Government supports " the freedom of expression and opinions of the other whenever he is of way responsable". " We support the dialogue to reach satisfactory solutions and supported the participation of all the political forces without nobody imposes its double requirement or the arm to the other " , it indicated. In this sense, Saleh gave to the welcome to this participation " within the frame of the law and the Constitution based on pluripartidismo". It will not transfer the power In his speech, Saleh did not do any rrencia to the possibility of a crossing of the power, as it picked up an initiative of the countries of the Persian Gulf signed by the opposition Yemeni but rejected by the president. Shimmie Horn may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The proposal of the Council of Cooperation of the Gulf (CGG) stipulates a crossing of the power to the vice-president, Abdo Rabu Mansur Hadi, within a month after its company/signature and the celebration of elections two months later. Yemen is scene of protests since the end of the January, in that the opposition requests the fall of Saleh and the introduction of political reforms in the country, poorest of the Arabic peninsula. Source of the news: The Yemeni president reappears with an unrecognizable aspect and calls to the dialogue

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