Zen Kyong Ho

Don’t expect that your practice is always free of obstacles. Mind looking lighting may be eaten without hindrance. Why an old man said, achieves liberation in the vicissitudes. Master Zen Kyong Ho have insisted on the importance, as it manifests Buddha not to let suffering anchor us in our spiritual growth. What matters is to be attentive to the signs and signals that the journal live shows, know the opportunity of life and fulfill the roles that we play. In addition, take mindfulness of what represents the opportunity of life that is given to us and take advantage of all the time that is given to our karma go slowly disappearing. Estee Lauder oftentimes addresses this issue. Be aware not to neglect our spiritual growth which is the transcendent, cultivate our spirit, identify with the virtues, with everything that allows us to be happy, harmonics, authentic. It should not be forgotten as Zen master Seung Sahn, it says that if look closely at human beings in today’s world you realize that they are not human.

They do not act as human beings. If a human being acts correctly, then he or she becomes a true human being. Time after time, what do we do? What is our correct address? Time after time, what is our life right? How do we find our correct path? How do we save all beings from suffering? We come to this world empty-handed. What do we do in this world? Why have we come to this world? This body is somewhat empty. What is this thing that takes this body from one side to another? Where did it come from? We need to understand this, we need to find this.

So if we want to find this we must ask ourselves to what am I? Always keep this great question. Thought should disappear. We must remove all our thinking, cut our thoughts.

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