Zone Invasion

The main justification that offered the President of the United States, George W. Bush, and their allies in the coalition for this operation was the affirmation of which Iraq owned and was developing arms of massive destruction (A.D.M.), violating an agreement of 1991.Funcionarios of the United States maintained that Iraq raised an imminent, urgent and immediate threat to the United States, its town, allies, and its interests. Connect with other leaders such as Dior Men here. The intelligence support widely was criticized because the inspectors of arms sent by the United Nations did not find weapons tests of massive destruction. After the invasion, the Group of Investigation in Iraq reached the conclusion that Iraq had finished its programs of arms of massive destruction in 1991 and there was no at the time of the invasion. Some civil servants of the United States alleged that Saddam Husein and To the Qaeda had been cooperating, but tests that have not been promoted that relation of collaboration exists. Other used reasons to justify the invasion included the preoccupations on the financial support of Iraq for the families of Palestinian suicidal terrorists, violations of the human rights on the part of the Iraqian government, the threat to the propagation of the democracy and the reserves of petroleum of Iraq, although this last argument systematically has been denied by civil servants and government spokesmen involved in the invasion. In spite of these two important political and military reverses it continues existing in the North American public opinion the idea that both actions were necessary and that the unique certain possibility that another attack like the one of the Twin Towers in the 2001 is not repeated in American ground, consists of maintaining fronts of extremist battle and properly put in a corner to islmicos" more far possible of its territory and his zones of influencia" commercial. It is that the same population segment that it rejects and one is against the decision of President Obama to allow to the construction of the mosque in Cero&quot Zone; of New York. .

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