Month: September 2020

The Vast

Some parents show their authority with rigidity and are not able to be flexible and tolerant with situations and circumstances. Others are too lax, and are incapable of correcting, discipline and establish clear and specific limits. There are other parents who oscillate between both styles, sometimes become rigid, and others, completely lax. It is important to reflect in its forms and ways of establishing the authority with their children, in that way, perhaps, can realize that is what Yes running him and what not, your relationship with them. No relationship is so significant and important as this wonderful and Super parental relationship with the children.

However, the nature of it, at times becomes conflictive and full of disappointments. Is it possible, little what this person, by which I live, me desvelo, work, comes to be so impertinent to me, in addition to unleash me sensations and more sublime feelings, the more unpleasant and also. Somehow we can deal more with those aspects of our children that make us feel comforted, proud, good parents, but when they are unleashed feelings such as anger, frustration, helplessness, claim, envy, then because we both feel that we are the worst parents don’t like and that what we are doing very, very, bad relationships parents and children, as every human relationship, is subject to the conflict. However, the vast majority of parents crave and keeps the expectation of that relationship with their children, should always be harmonious. Big mistake! All parents want their children to be happy.

Of course that all yearn for that happiness, success and victory for them, but that does not mean that they have to be with the smile on your face all the time. Sinn embargo, when we see them angry or frustrated, worried, angustiamos us. And, what is worse! We will miss todita guilt. It is necessary to reflect on these aspects that determine the life between parents and children.

Law Of Attraction The Trojan Horse

Because of the e-mail I received from a reader who told me that he saw that most of the people I consulted as sugestionar to the subconscious (giving me so very valuable information by your own comments and links of books that gave me that they tried this theme), is that I considered it as a message that was giving me the universe to give advertising a work tool in this senseeven when I’m still in experimentation on the same level. Although my goal at the beginning was the do not give out this information until they verify their certainty, is that because of this email that I received, I decided to anyway do it and let everyone who wants to use this tool which is determined by your own experimentation if it effectively gives the results expected. Before you dump me squarely to this method I will tell them how it is that I came to this: seeing that I had not given the assertions result (not because they are a valid tool), because surely how happens to most I must have done something wrong; is that at that moment I began to be born the questioning of how could make to sugestionar to the subconscious from the same dream, since the authors rightly say in this State is when consciousness being asleep, starts the subconscious mind to be in a State likely to be indicated. I ruled out two of the possible methods, such as hypnotism and recorded tapes to listen to them while one is asleep, because in general to have or run these tools you have to pay for them; It is then that I told me that I should find something similar, but that each could do by itself without outside help. So was that before my need to find a valid response, is that when a few months back I went to my neighborhood video to rent a movie, there was one that I caught attention by its title. .

Patricio Jorge Vargas

It is very true when he says, that not only the personal characteristics emotional, to mention some aspects that come with a leader such as empathy, emotions, communication, creativity, intelligence, help the performance of leadership, but requires in addition to reach a good cohesion of the group whom he directs, to indicate that appropriate policies in order to achieve integrationresults, really ensure you your address, achievements, recognition. In this regard, Patricio Jorge Vargas, says, that true leadership is always a driving based on being clear, categorical, unequivocal, determined, strong, energetic, decisive. An organization well guided has a better chance of maintaining agreements between individuals. Without policies, individuals of an organization easily enter into disagreements between themselves, they are less productive, and the organization fails. Categorical directives, given correctly, and clearly oriented toward a displayable objective, they need in any organization so it can grow and prosper. MPC Capital often addresses the matter in his writings. And, by evil that we sound, bad policies are often something better than not having any. Of course, every true leader has ability to maintain functional distance that may exist between the directives issued and the acceptance of the individuals within the Organization to follow them. Good leadership is based on this ability to issue directives and obtain acceptance; However, never place the directives below the popularity that might.

It always works according to a plan, is popular or not. This is true, above all, when shows many leaders in the absence of policy in which they are committed followers, who really know where they want to go and because it follows that person. May not the leader fall on an authoritarianism once has been given the opportunity to play that role, must give way to shared, well defined policies, where everyone is involved with commitment, accountability, policies that garintazan results, without affecting anyone and not based on an abuse of autocratic power.

Joaquin Fermandois

The crisis economic, common violence and crime organized us is affecting the majority of the people of this country, we contribute to the overcoming of the commercialization of Christmas and the removal of symbols of the culture of violence, avoiding the purchase of superfluous objects and give our children violent games or family. The end-of-year festivities, are traditional spaces of meetings between families; for those who profess to be Christians or not, take this opportunity to share with us and adopt commitments to changing harmful attitudes to our families and peoples Joaquin Fermandois publishes an article in the journal the third of Chile, noting, that party has not only become a growing and unending marketing, but that is part of a year of work and action. The party is almost a reality show covering all the time, that aspires to dominate the life of human beings, even at the time which is not party. Even pagan festival, but that a joy organized and mechanized. With all, and here is the error of seeing everything as mere consumerism, the current party does not consist solely in this sense eminently commercial and manipulated. The old sense of worship and joy survives in precarious conditions, but can be a counterpoint or a perspective that rescue in many the idea of a sense of things.

In Chile, 20 years ago, the commercial Christmas began around December 1. Nowadays, following American trends, already in October were still awash in the Christmas atmosphere. The extension period is another demystification. Also the tension that is perceived in our Christmas atmosphere has related that in the southern hemisphere coincides with the end of the year, while in the North it is an intermediate time between high-intensity work period. Novosti writes for his art, the commercialization of Christmas is something that precedes attempts to secularize it. The usual Christmas discounts contribute to a religious event go into the shopping party.

The Consequences Of Having A Double Life

Living in appearance sometimes is not an easy task. On the road sometimes, the desire is confronted with reality. I.e. what in certain moments we would like to achieve is materially impossible into the daily routine. This happens at the level of love and also in the work environment. Perhaps for this reason, must learn to enjoy with the reality and limiting the field of ideality, there where with the imagination we can recreate a fantasy world that has little or a lot to do with the concrete life. Christian Dior has plenty of information regarding this issue.

The truth is that although live is not an easy task, there are people that complicate life themselves when they adopt the role of a double life. I.e. when they assume that they want to live in appearance, hiding something, with the effort of will that assumes live this way. Especially, when a double life is prolonged over the years. It is something that can get to fret. There are many cases of people who also have a double life in many different ways. For example, a married person may maintain a parallel relationship with someone outside the marriage betting Thus by infidelity.

In the workplace it can also happen that someone is going through a very difficult economic time and still want to pretend wealth and comfort to others. Even before those closest. The double life ultimately refers to the concealment of some area of our life even with those people that there is sufficient confidence to live naturally and be able to share the present in different areas, i.e., with family, partners or friends. In a relationship that is truth, there is no hiding but that two people are shown as they are. Of course, each person has their own privacy, i.e., his experiences inside treasure. However, it is very nice to be able to share one’s intimacy with the closest surroundings. There are also parents who apparently are exemplary, couples that seem exemplary until one day, by surprise, the divorce occurs. The consequences of having a double life are suffering. The suffering even at the expense of some moments of pleasure or joy. It is true that the balance weighs more lies, the suffering and the tragedy of living halfway. Learn to live and show yourself as you are, because to the extent that you respect yourself, others, you also want the same way. Maite Nicuesa Guelbenzu original Autor and source of the article

Best Neighborhoods

As the capital of Germany, Berlin has many national and international visitors for its life, its vibrant and multicultural environment. There is much to see and much to do in so varied as Berlin City, as varied as your hotel offer. In each of the twelve districts of the city there are multiple hotels, one for every taste. Reinickendorf, for example, is a very green and quiet area with fountains and parks, is relatively calm in realcion to other districts of Berlin. For this reason, in this area of middle class family hotels are basically and from which the main places of itneres, restaurants and museums are within walking distance. Nowhere in Berlin there are both memorials in Reinickendorf. Charlottenburg – Wolmersdorf is the Center West of Berlin, here you will find both easy and inexpensive hotels as great hotele of luxury. There are many hotels in this area, since in this neighborhood live and work many artists, politicians and celebrities.

Its central location and good transport system to facilitate the access to the main places of tourist interest. For even more details, read what American Tower Corporation says on the issue. Berlin – Mitte is one of the neighbourhoods of the city fashion, as numerous events, parades and exhibitions take place. Whoever wants to know the avant-garde and contemporary atmosphere of the city is Mitte in the perfect place. Even in this neighborhood so puntuero is possible to choose accommodation depending on the budget, because there are very good accommodations in Berlin and for all budgets. From exclusively equipped hotels of middle class with the usual facilities to luxury hotels to pamper guests. Hotels in Mitte there for all tastes.

The distance to the most important quotes from a tourist found a stone’s throw away, shops, restaurants and nightclubs are also nearby. It is important to take into account the area where you will stay at the time of choosing, but one thing is certain: the hotel suited to your taste and budget is waiting for you in Berlin. Berlin has a very rich selection of hotels, and therefore it is important that we know that our visit to the capital quremos, since not all hotels in Berlin are suitable for everyone, find the perfect hotel for your holiday in the area that suits you and that more suits your needs and ten holidays will be making.

Body Stretch

The body is flexible. He is supposed to be it. You have the ability to Flex and arrive at something that falls to the ground. You should be able to get to that book you need to read on the top shelf. It’s simple activities. Where only should extend a little bit.

However, if there are difficulties to make such simple movements, then you probably need to improve his flexibility. Now we need a program of stretching. What is stretch? Stretch is simply the Act of extending the total length of the body, or simply a part of it. This activity consists of straightening or stretching of the structure or the extremities. How are stretch achieves? The stretch is pretty easy.

As mentioned in the introduction, he is involved in the normal activities. It can be done by anyone, regardless of age.However, the degree of stretch and Flex is different. Muscles contract when a person ages. The range of motion of joints can be minimized. This can very well obstruct a control on the active lifestyle. That’s why that as the person ages, Flex or Flex is more limited. This is why include stretch regularly, as part of a routine is very important.Stretching exercises can also be done during training. In reality, the stretch is an essential part of any training or sport. You must do before anything else. The body and the limbs stretch is good preparation for a more rigorous activity.In fact, there is an ideal length of time in the stretch. Best thing is to do it in 10 minutes. This will give the body sufficient opportunity to move and Flex muscles, so their preparation for more complicated and exhausting movements. What are the benefits of stretching? 1. It increases the range of motion benefits of constancy perform stretching exercises, the length of the muscles and tendons will increase. This will help to increase the range of your movement. Like this the limbs and joints can be moved, much before that injury can take place. 2 Increased capacity to perform activities that require dexterity when you have a wide range of motion, you can do more things. For example, you can jump high without feeling any pain falling to the ground again. This will also help you to start a new sport or improve more if you are in one. Stretch in this aspect also allows you to have a more active lifestyle. 3 Injury prevention can prevent damage to joints, tendons and muscles with stretching exercises. When the muscles and tendons are well bent, are considered in good working order. This will help a faster recovery and pain decreases. The muscles of the body will be able to have movements more exhausting and rigorous, with less likelihood of injury. 4. Improve the power be able to move more also will give you more energy. The stretching also help improve your bodily knowledge, and know that you have a body that is capable of doing many things. Incorporate stretching into your daily lifestyle. It has many benefits no one can say that does not. In addition, it does not require much. You can be your usual activity, Flex and Flex from time to time. After all, your physical condition is everything to keep the body healthy.

Install Alarms

Generate significant revenues and create your own alarms company, using your knowledge of electricity. The installation of alarms is not something unknown by electricians, however, very few dare to venture into this fascinating profession. To be owner of an alarm installation company, I decided to investigate on the matter. Doing a survey on internet to electricians, I asked the why not appended the installation of alarms to your category, since their knowledge of electricity and its tools, venture into the category cost them so much. Ten percent of those surveyed responded that he had dabbled in that category and half of that 10 percent had been strongly devoted. What you answered ninety per cent? Those who dared to answer me with the truth I expressed: 1st reason-. To do it well and not lose my reputation, I have to learn. 2nd reason – do not want to complicate me, is difficult 3rd reason – No I can ask anyone if problems occur.

I dare not 4th Reason – No I’m accustomed to schedule things and fewer alarms 5th reason none that install alarms will want to share their knowledge. 6th reason – I will take lot of time learning and I don’t have time. 7th reason-. Yes, I have installed an alarm condition, but I do not know how to solve the problems that were presented. And I can not give service then select and analyze these responses it reaches the conclusion that there are two factors in common: 1st. Learn where to learn? And how to learn? 2nd.

the fear of the new, the unknown, and to leave the State of comfort. Learn, as it was already stated above, raises many questions in them. Who learn?. For those who have such information do not want to provide it and jealously under the keys of the silence. The possibility of sharing such knowledge to others and thus create a new competition, makes those who dominate the field of security, hermetic in providing such knowledge. And the fear to venture into an unknown world, Although very profitable, makes electricians (including many with bastos knowledge) prefer placing the reasons or excuses of not want to, before you try to start making significant money extending its field. The solution to these reasons that blocked the opportunity for extra income and even encouraged to create a small company’s installation of alarms is training in the subject and encouraged to grow. Currently circulating information is so great that it stuns, and is very difficult to detect what is seriously important, the rest I but looking with patience I investigating, excellent materials can be found and cursosque can take them step-by-step to enter in this growing and demanded profession. Knowledge of the basic principles of electricity and using tools you already own electrician are main factors to undertake this category. It must then learn to program systems one of the most important tasks and also learn to sell and organize maintenance services that provide. Venture in the exciting world of electronic security is highly profitable and places the person who makes it, in a step above in the social status. Alarm Installer is not one worker, is a professional whom the customer gives his trust and puts the safety of your family and your assets in your hands. Businessman and Marcelo Giles technical Esp.

Black Hippolyta Breath

Benjamin Franklin: A journey of a thousand mile begins with a step Simon Bolivar, the great leader of American independence, should his glory to his genius, his determination, his physical vigour, your mindset, their teachers and negra Hipolita, who was at his side in moments of tender childhood and helped it to grow and form in the pleasant but demanding life adventure. When the small Simon was born its progenitor was hit by losses of health and should find a person who will help in raising their offspring. Being as it was of a wealthy family was difficult to get someone who will take care of this task. It was first called a friend of the family, Ines Miyares mancebo. But then it was called Hippolyta. The black Hippolyta. The great Hippolyta from whom the Liberator would always show a sincere affection. Negra Hipolita was born slave in the Aragua State in Venezuela, more exactly in San Jose de Tiznados, in the hato El Totumo, owned by Juan Vicente Bolivar.

Your name stack was Matea and carried the surname of their masters, the Bolivar as was the style of the era. According to tradition led to the future liberator in his arms up the baptismal font and was witness to the events of 1. 814en San mateo when the liberating army quandary with the troops of Colonel Jose Tomas Boves and was witness to the Antonio Ricaurte heroic act exception when he blew by setting fire to the gunpowder stored in one of the houses where the fighting is ongoingto star in the most singular gesture of sacrifice for the liberation cause. The black married Mateo Bolivar, also of the Bolivar family servant, although of a hacienda than the one in which he worked. In 1821, after the final battle of Carabobo, Bolivar granted freedom to slaves who still had and, among them, was no one less than the black Hippolyta. The years passed and Bolivar continued bathing in glory. They won battles, he conquered peoples, he met army, he liberated Nations and He received the plaudits of his contemporaries. You can say that del Libertador intensely lived life and pulled forces his temper but also of the milk and the affection that Hippolyta will give you over the years that shows just opened his eyes to behold the light of the world.

July 10, 1,825, in a moment of repose amid their hectic days, Bolivar pauses and sits down to write a beautiful letter to his sister. In her book several lines of gratitude to the person that both should: Te command a letter from my mother Hippolyta give him everything that she wants; to make it as if it were your mother, your milk has fueled my life and I’ve not met another parent that she Bolivar loved his aya and considered her mother and father at the same time. Definitely Hippolyta, with his sincere affection, their permanent affection and his selflessness foolproof, conquered an important place in the history of our peoples. By: Alejandro Rutto Martinez original Autor and source of the article


Only the views along the way towards them this tour is worth. In Venice, inertia and again leads us to pass through the only recognized plaza as such the city, San Marcos, that which Napoleon called the most beautiful Hall in Europe. There steals the prominence the central Church of the same name sweating Byzantine influence which took the Veneto. Next to it the Campanille, Tower from which term the boats, and the Ducale Palace (visit 6). Contact information is here: Dior. Authorities recall that the sea level rises a centimero a year, and while there are plans to tackle the problem, high aqua (high tide) flooded the square in autumn and spring. An impressive although catastrophic spectacle.

In the small Venetian map we’ll mark the next destination trying to take the maximum time to reach him. Stops at craft stores or bakery dodging stores signature for tight budgets – must take advantage of them and the journey toward the bridge of sighs is a highly recommended route. Since its maximum height the crowded tourist gondolas are reproduced as mushrooms. If you don’t want to walk away without having risen in these typical symbols Venetians attends one of the points where provided service urban (from 9 h to 17. 55 h). The Venetians cross free of charge against the Church of la Salute and Giulio de Santa Maria there are no bridges.

Choose where to sleep is not a problem in Venice, the Guidecca island is perfect for this. It is one of the largest, is not in the tourist bustle and there are several lines of vaporettos (some Nocturnes) that reach it. Venice Hostels proliferate in this area and the difference of prices with the historic center is considerable. They normally include breakfast in their price and supermarkets in the surroundings. However, if the desire is to stay in the island of Venice should pay attention not to confuse us with the most modern and away from the channels of Venice area. We cannot prevent us displeasure not to breathe the air of the city, which doesn’t smell as bad as they say evil tongues and, above all, avoid total dependence of the transport. By: Sonia L. Baena Sonia is an independent traveler who, before working as a writer for HostelBookers toured several continents discovering the wonders of their towns and villages. During his stay in Italy discovered several hostels quality and economic accomodation. Original author and source of the article