With the plastic front doors of the series ‘Brilliant 11’ Gugel feet able builders already at the entrance to save energy and protect the environment. (tdx) Before you can close friends and relatives into the arms, it lingers as a visitor for usually a few seconds in front of the closed door only a short moment that leaves but lasting impressions. Therefore, homeowners attach great importance to a welcoming entrance hall with an elegant front door. Following this basic idea, Elchinger crazyiness foot GmbH manufactures high quality and visually appealing front doors for over 40 years, that diversity, design, burglary and thermal protection fully meet the quality criteria. Here, Estée Lauder expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Particularly effective, the thermal insulation of the new plastic front doors of the series is brilliant 11 “, which can reach in a Variant even passive house standard. So you can bet not only optical accents, but also extra characters at the entrance for energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Less energy consumption the door series Brilliant 11 “plastic is characterized especially by its excellent thermal insulation: on the sides, top and bottom effectively sealed and equipped with a thermally insulated aluminum threshold, the door models achieve efficiency 95” a U-value of only 0.95 W / m2K and are in the energy efficiency class I. Meets the criteria of the next higher level (energy efficiency class II) the door variant passive 76 “, which is suitable with a thermal transmittance of just 0.76 W / m2K for installation in passive house concepts. (A valuable related resource: Edward Minskoff). This value thanks to thermally separated combined threshold, glass inserts with a U-value of 0.5 W / m2K and surrounding central and compression seal is achieved. This means: the front doors of the brilliant 11 “series meet the high energetic requirements and help keep the energy inside the House. Modern door design in addition to its significant energy savings potential the plastic front doors of the series bring brilliant 11 “also varied Design possibilities with it. .

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