Educational Context

Newman: ' ' To plan is to decide anticipatedly what it must be fact, that is, a planning is an action line daily pay-estabelecida' '. The cited definitions collaborate in reflection some elements that lead to the questioning of the action. According to Gandin, these questionings can be made in three felt: ' ' _ What we want to reach? _ The one that distance we are of what we want to reach? _' ' What we will make concretely (in such stated period) to diminish this distncia' '? Valley to stand out that some points will have to be considered in the planning, so that if it obtains to reach the desired goal: To be adequate to the reality where if it intends to carry through the action; To have flexibility? To be made the control and continuous evaluation so that, front to the unexpected ones that they come to occur, if can reflect and take the necessary measures to its perfectioning. We reaffirm, then, that the planning is a task that must be executed with the participation of some people, therefore to want correct information, reflections, taking of coherent decisions with objectives to be reached, in order to transform a reality. From there the convenience of the participation of one has equipped to multidiscipline in this process, therefore from approach of ideas, the reflections, the establishments, strategy a vision of the system with one could all be defined objective generalities having for base. The Planning in the Educational Context the educational planning is basic to reach the true intentions of the education, therefore the context searchs to direct the education considering national, regional, local and communitarian that the individual is inserted, searching always an education dynamic that can be creative and liberating of the man. Thus, the good o planning, aims at an education that ahead acquires knowledge and compromises the man of its world, being the intention of the same the humanizao of the society.

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