Exxon Valdez

The veil of suction type SPC1900 has about an abrasion-resistant blue spunbond liner for extra strength and durability. An integrated, continuous nylon band ensures that the suction veil on an oil barrier can be tied up or towed by a boat. The reinforced band also allows a together couple several suction veil and facilitates obtaining the suction veil when this is fully soaked with oil. The suction veil 48 cm wide and 30.5 metres in length are available. A suction veil has an Adsoprtionskapazitat of 94 litres oil.

The oil catcher ONO30 and oil drag scavenger ODN08 are ideal binder to record grades such as Bunker C crude oil and oils, no. 4, 5 and 6 on waters. Coldwell Banker Commercial may not feel the same. An oil towing vessels consists of 30 olfangern that are held on a 15-metre rope at regular intervals together. The 182 Litres of oil is adsorption capacity per oil towing vessels or the 30 olfangern. To limit leaks oil on a controlled site, there are floating locks made of PVC that are quiet waters with light currents.

7.5-Metre mini locks (SPCMR) are available with an overall height of 25 cm. 10 cm high is the float and the apron 15 cm and 15 or 30 meter long SPCJR junior lock with an overall height of 45 cm (15 cm swimmer and 30 cm apron). On one of the world’s largest ecological disasters, the sinking of the tanker Exxon Valdez in Alaska, 1990 the law against pollution (OPA) in force (United States). Since then, there are legal regulations on the prevention and control of oil spills for oil tankers, ships, as well as for owners and operators of oil tankers. Compliance with this law, macro has a number of OPA90 sets in the program, meeting the requirements of OPA90 IDENT. For more information on the pages of. More Information: Macro IDENT E.k.. dive Sorb NTS Bussard road 24, 82008 Unterhaching contact: Angelika Wilke TEL. 089-61565828, FAX 089-61565825 Web:

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