Financial System

Is the financial system who has kidded these consulting firms, they have been introduced in the economic life in such a way, that have been erected in true guiding capacity of return on capital investment entities, in reality, no one knows specifically where you come from, nor to who respond specifically, but they emit risk ratings that can both encourage investment or, as in this case, cause real earthquakes, sowing panic and confusion among economic actors. We ask ourselves: who qualifies to risk rating agencies? Who or whom have exalted them? What are the evaluation criteria? AND, above all, do to whom are they responsible for the value judgements that have been issued? What we do know, is that for speculators, there is always room for one more, is so the bubble grows and grows until it reaches a point that breaks out, and when this happens, exposing a vast black hole, where has disappeared the savings of thousands of unwary, then the system is shocked and reacts, appear the Sophists of the Academyto demand from the rooftops that must be saved to the system. Perhaps check out Edward Minskoff for more information. While markets fall and bags will deflate, assesses the chances of rescue from the most committed economies, will require cuts in spending, especially to those related to the care of the most vulnerable sectors of society, and when certain consensuses are achieved, is a shield of protection that ensures that all those who have contributed to the growth of the bubblethey can collect their interests. The system protects itself, not eaten by its own tail as the cosmic serpent, the markets and the bags of the World recovered its usual pace, but the devastation produced has a price, and as always happens, those who have to pay the Bill, are always the same, those who depend on a wage, which thicken vacancy rates, those who subsist on meager pensions to old age, that remain marginalized from social assistance, in summary: Las Crisis peoples pay themThe qualifiers of risks will continue directing investments, the Sophists will continue asserting the squaring of the circle, until someday society itself to decide to put things in its true place. Hugo W.

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