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The new liner stabilizes again the old pipe static and as a product, a new muffenloses drain pipe remains quasi.” The new drain pipe in the old is usually of same thickness and strength like an addition installed plastic pipe, but without joints. To permanently prevent new drain pipe damage such as, for example, root Ingrowth. Through the bare inliner drainpipe also increases the flow of wastewater. The cross section of the drain pipes is reduced by a liner. According to DIN 1986 the minimum cross section for pipes of 10 cm (DN 100) after the pipe could not be lower than previously. So the reading procedure could be used only at Ablussrohren with an internal diameter of at least 12.5 cm (DN 125).

Drain pipes with only a few, small damage can be rehabilitated through partial home or short liner. With the injection procedure, a two-component filler is injected, permanently seal once the damaged areas. In addition, there is still stainless steel sleeves for the selective damage restoration. This short liner or sleeves can be used for individual losses in newer, maximum 20 years old drain pipes. But to recommend These procedures do not for 40 to 50 years old drainage systems. Because here usually no long-term tightness of the drainpipe can be obtained for the pipe by one or two in the drain pipe damaged areas. It is usually cheaper to renovate the entire drain pipe as pieces of part of, also the specialist Mike Scholz says typically it is restructuring better and cheaper on individual point rehabilitation to waive. Really, try to make the pipe of a complete drain pipe also with regard to the quality and costs.” However, the reading process in question comes, as long as the tube structure in the old outlet pipe is still intact.

She first collapsed, then remains only the open construction. Beware of black sheep! About 500,000 kilometers, so experts estimate are private sewers restructuring – or in need of repair. “A lucrative market, the black sheep” attracts with often dubious reorganisation proceedings. Dipl.-ing. Stadler therefore strongly advises a procurement to be noticed that the offered liner has a DIBT approval (German Institute for construction technology, Berlin). Also, installation operation as far as possible through the character of RAL quality protection should channel construction”be certified. Also the use of a sewage engineering consultant is advisable for larger drainage systems.

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