IClear Fiduciary Payment Processing

Alarm signal: more than every second Internet users fear misuse of data in the online shopping in Mannheim, July 1st, 2009. More than every second Internet user fears that personal data that he leaves when shopping online, be abused for advertising purposes. And after all, 43 percent of online shoppers surveyed in a study by Fittkau and Maass indicating they felt unsafe on the Web when you pay. \”This is an alarm signal for our industry,\” commented iclear Managing Director Michael Sittek and adds: with iclear payment not only is absolutely sure we guarantee the security of personal data. \”the fiduciary payment providers on the Internet is iclear.

Not only the degree of uncertainty that apparently large parts of Internet users regularly give is remarkable. It is especially noteworthy that the fear of misuse of data with rising Internet usage experience is growing as the industry magazine reports on Internet world business. Learn more about this topic with the insights from RBC Capital Global Markets Tower. While only\”46 percent of newcomers Privacy concerns Express, such fears have 59 percent of long-time Internet users. 121.233 German-speaking users were surveyed for the study. Such entrenched distrust, as it speaks of this study, will undercut in the long term the diversity of online trading. If this kind of mishap is not stopped, it is expected to in the long term at the expense of the smaller dealers. Because then only a few a few big brands will enjoy the confidence of the customers\”, says iclear-Chef Michael Sittek.

While there are very simple ways to establish trust between merchants and customers. Fiduciary payment processing, how iclear offers, is without a doubt. \”Not about the demand for our service currently strong on.\” iclear is the only independent online payment provider in German-speaking countries, which is based on the fiduciary principle: so the money goes only to the provider, if the customer not revoke his order within the statutory period.

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