Infantile Education

It has couples that they congregate the same under in ceiling the children of the current one and of the old relationships. thus family constitutes a great healthful e. TIBA (2007, p 220) Through the Curricular Referencial of the Infantile Education and the contribution of Tiba, we perceive that the familiar structure that we knew, father, mother, son, moved.

It can present itself or if constitute in well different ways. We, educators, need to know these new compositions, its values, beliefs familiar. Without this approach and exchange of information, the relation between the family and the school will be fragile or it will not be established. Ahead of the displayed one, it is necessary to adapt us it these changes, to know and to understand the diverse familiar compositions, preventing judgments moralistas, personal or tied the preconceptions as he approaches the RCNEI (1998, v1). Of this form, beyond establishing a base for the dialogue, as still the Referencial speaks, we will obtain to approach them of the school, will know how much they can participates and then we will be able to stimulate this participation, to show what this means, as they can participate. They will know that they are not alone and that it does not have only obligations, but right also. 2 THE FAMILY AND THE SCHOOL: institutions that receive the individuals the family and the school play an important role in the formation of the individual and of the citizen, even so they have objectives, distinct methodology and abrangncia, as it approaches Parolin (2005).

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