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Thus, it is the company that decides the future of the technology first and foremost. Trends and Megatrends and their influence on economy and society play a crucial role in the future for innovative technologies, if they want to succeed. Richard Parsons may also support this cause. 4. glocalization: Regional economic cycles experience due to globalization who so far has assumed that the Internet would restrict regional communication and economic processes or damage her comeback, has understood anything from the Internet. A quarter of all searches on Google have a local reference. Many economic processes are re regionalised in particular by rising commodity prices and rising wages in the emerging markets. 5. new working world: employee self entrepreneur rigid hierarchies, portly communication structures and linear business processes fit less and less to the fast-rotating digital business world of the 21st century.

Ruptures and discontinuities (such as self-employment, freelance project work, temporary unemployment or Multijobbing) belong to the new standard of the world of work. The desire will become the decisive productive power for future-oriented companies after a meaningful occupation and self-realization in the job in the economy of tomorrow. “6 globalization 4.0: in the economy of tomorrow, there is no little” more after the bursts of productivity from the first two stages of globalization (European colonization to the middle of the 20th century and the cold war period with the economic alone America’s dominance), the biggest global economic boom of ever followed from the 1990s to the third phase of globalization. The global economic crisis leads now to a restructuring of the world economy and the global value system and the globalization of 4.0. Emerging markets start in the next few years increased production and Innovation in complex products and dissolve so that more and more of the dependence of the industrial countries. At the same time the return outgesourcten in recent years”jobs in the old countries of wealth.

7 back-to-basic: at a time of crisis the request logs for more authenticity and reality in the marketing back years of trend of polarization of luxury and discount markets will now end. A development to more substance and relevance on the markets and in the consumer makes noticeable: customers want to no longer between the extremes of super-cheap and luxury choose. “In the next few years the demand for will the real thing”, authentic and unique “products and brand concepts the market significantly influence. Consumers invest in future selected and conscious, because they want to feel addressed in their actual needs. 8 Female values: Competence rise of women characterizes the economics of the future success in the job, steep careers and social standing has long been reserved for men only, women only the role behind the stove and the mother remained. But just in the transition are creativity and knowledge to the knowledge age to always more significant resources in the process of value creation. The economy of tomorrow requires other skills: gut feelings, intuition, emotional intelligence all rather female properties take the place of systemic rationality of the industrial age. Daniela storm, future Institute Ltd.

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