Miguel Hidalgo

While in 2009 the world was shaken by one of the biggest crises in the history, and ensured that the acquisition of mortgage loans would reach a brake, have been some ups and downs so far this year in the real estate sector. One of the reasons that led to this economic crisis was that involving the financial sector why? an almost uncontrollable expansion of artificial in form of credit money there was what this mean? There was a lot of money that banks lent in the form of mortgages, the problem is that this money did not really exist, but that was what is known as fictitious capital, this means that it has not built with work, but that it’s titles that are awarded by either part of banks, the State or companies that have an established name. These loans were given through the banks supported by the State which led to it being to ruin as the American economy collapsed, since Mexico has with an economy dependent you can not develop adequately the internal market and for the same reason there is no purchasing power or flow of money, whereupon has to incur multi-million dollar loans from companies such as the World Bank. Faced with this situation, is thought the sale of houses would go into decline since is already had a very large debt with the institutions of credit around the world. This was only speculation, as statistics show us is the economy changing. They suggest that in the first quarter year 2010 (January-March) sales of houses increased by 32% compared to the period from October to December of 2009; from 1751 to 2300 approximately, according to data from TINSA (valuations), multinational company of consultancy and real estate analysis.

Inside the buildings that more they were sold are the housing half and residential plus. It is not uncommon to delegations that more houses were sold to find Miguel Hidalgo, Benito Juarez and Cuauhtemoc, since they are the ones that are home to a large amount of money and business. Within this study also highlights the construction of new projects rose by 20% compared with the end of last year to be supporting the construction of 60 new homes projects.

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