New Year More

Internet TV in Germany is much better than its reputation in a timely manner to the new decade video offering the traditional TV channel broke the 100,000 mark. While you could see little more than short excerpts in poor quality 2 years ago, reports, series and feature films in full lenght and in high resolution are available free of charge today. On this occasion, pop the corks at. Shipment missed Germany’s largest search portal for TV videos. Here, one finds everything, what TV channel as well as legal series and movie portals on the net.

As we did at the start for nearly 3 months ago, we would have never expected to have more than 100,000 videos in the index already at the turn of the year. “” “” This particularly pleased that not only the scope but also the quality of the offer is growing steadily: current series episodes of CSI Miami”Stromberg”, but also hundreds movie highlights such as the 6th day are now “or life is beautiful” free and totally legally available – some of them out Protect minors of until too late. The new decade will be the Decade of Internet television. Today every fifth Internet user that the increase compared to the previous year is video portals and media libraries, the TV station that visited 50% according to the last ARD/ZDF online study ( In the competition of the distribution channels, the World-Wide will catch up Web in the future significantly compared to cable and satellite. This development not only the TV channels and Internet service provider set itself, but also the manufacturers of TV sets. “HD and flat screens is the next trend on us now: Internetfahige TV sets with customized browsers and sofa-navigation”. We look forward to the next decade in the middle in the booming world of Internet television.

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