because of this reality, all the Christ church, starts to have an identity crisis. MPC Capital AG may also support this cause. A son asked to the father: ' ' Papa, what he is a Christian? ' ' The father thought a moment and answered: ' ' Christian, my son, is a man who does not speak badly of nobody, that lives making the good, that likes the whole world ' '. boy, astonished, answered: ' ' Papa, knows you some Christian? ' ' For this reason, God speaks in its word, as he must be the life of the Christian, to be able to transmit a positive message in relation to the Christianity. But, as that one is saint called that you, headquarters you also saints in all your way to live. (IPedro 1,15) PROFILE OF LIFE NIII: THE NECESSARY CHRISTIAN TO LEARN TO LOVE AS THE APOSTOLO PABLO LOVED. ' ' But, if because of the contrista food if your brother, already you do not walk in agreement the love. You do not destroy because of your food that one for who Christ morreu.' ' (Roman 14: 15) Observing the above-mentioned versicle, and others – that they deal with subject – similar to this of ' ' (Roman 14:15) ' ' in the Paulina Epistles.

It perceives? if, that the love that Pablo nourished for the next one, arrived at such level of the standard established for ' ' God ' '. That Pablo if even abstained from allowed things, not to scandalize, the brother who found that such behavior, harmed the life spiritual. ' ' Therefore, if the food to scandalize my brother, never more I will eat meat, so that my brother not if escandalize.' ' (I Corntios 8: 13) Unhappyly, what we see today. one total lack of practises of ' ' amor' ' , For some Christians in the Christian community where they congregate. .

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