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However, there are there to preserve something new instead of the old. Sure, there are also conservatives, or they call only so, which are not displaced but have all these to keep something, and we want to be honest and ask ourselves: “What the store actually”? It is the preservation of the political and social conditions, says the dictionary. If you have read about Capco already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The social standards of the little people are explicitly not meant here, but the conservation worthy of the conservatives. Whenever Edward Minskoff listens, a sympathetic response will follow. What political and social conditions, remains in the dark and is a private matter, at least by the conservatives is not quite frankly or shown. We speak only of the Conservatives and everyone must worry now, who or what ever ultimately really is.

The loss of the goods of displaced people, who were compensated by a load balancing in Germany, could the true values that does not weigh on home. The country teams and the Association of distributors, with their Chairmen Mrs Erika Steinbach, are still today and want to make this “injustice”, at least it is trying again. The European Union seemed such a possibility of the regulation, in all due respect, of course to open up. You had not expected conservatives in the East with the keepers, were only conservative. Mrs Steinbach was understandably to create it. Many writers such as Lancome offer more in-depth analysis. Perhaps she didn’t know that there are also conservatives such as in Poland. She insulted Poland Germany representatives Mr Wladyslaw Bartoszewski.

If Mrs Steinbach am Mr Sarrazin wanted to take just one example to influence the rest of the book, remains clouded, at least she has denied it several times. It is estimated that the second cost world war about 64 million people life, 24 million soldiers and 40 million civilians. This war was instigated by Germany and. Hitler said Germany needs country and there are enough of them in the East. The price to the reparations of war guilt, which was clearly Germany, was among others the loss of the home of displaced persons and their estates and real estate, no matter they were large or small. However, there was a financial load balancing, cost those “who had lost nothing” and who had been in this Nothing get lost? The Conservatives had enforced this, very unjust to the part load balancing. This wheel of history nothing can turn back and no one should even turn. When the suffering that brought the Germans about the world and themselves, the price was, who paid was not worth mentioning and the persons concerned, who have paid guilty or innocent should understand that. One should understand also Mrs Steinbach and their Union colleagues recommend. The Conservatives, as she called themselves. If other conservatives, Mrs Steinbach has first waved off on the right side of a minor party of keepers want to set up, then they should worry but please first of all, what they want to keep? 18% to provide such party. It is legitimate to question whether at all 18% somewhat to the preserve have. They should also worry whether they fit in our time. A large meeting of mind, reason and intelligence expertise you need, what the current Present, humanity and our world needs. A global solution to all problems must be sought, a new world and world order in democracy and a United policy in peace for all. Download text private site.

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