Professional Education

Then try you lift the historical context of Work and Education in to order you situate the discussion. Demonstrates the existence of two positions on the understanding of the relationship between work and education: perspective considers the work and education related concepts, but independent. Have to other perceives them dependent of each to other, the social Inter-dependent practices. Finally, it demonstrates the importance of conducting lives research in work and education.

The present article was constructed through a based bibliographical research in the production of authors of national and international prominence, in the quarrel of the thematic Work and Education. One searched on the basis of to reflect studies of authors who understand the term Work and Education as two distinct concepts and also researchers that study this thematic one as a joint term. To understand what it is Work and Education, therefore, is a complex task therefore is about an idea formed in the bulge of two important practical social and in constant transformation (WEDGE, 2002; FERRETI, 2004; AXE, 2005). At a first moment, it is argued definition of ‘ ‘ trabalho’ ‘ of ‘ ‘ educao’ ‘. After that, one searchs to raise the historical context of Work and Education. Existence of two positions is demonstrated to it on the understanding of the relation between Work and Education: a perspective understands the work and the education as concepts tied, but independent.

Already to another one it perceives the same ones as dependents one of the other, as practical social Inter-subordinate. Finally, importance of the accomplishment of more research in the area is demonstrated to it Work and Education. The main argument of this text is of that Work and Education, even so they are linked concepts, possess independent dimensions, that is, both if they influence, but it point of one not to determine the other.

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