Ring Road

Regardless of direction, distance average cost weave Ring Road in the suburbs, at about $ 7tys. By Novorizhskoe direction at distances up to 50km. from Moscow weave price is about $ 25tys. At 4-5 times the estimated cost is reduced Land weave with increasing distance of 10-15 km. Now the most popular are located at a distance of 60 km from the capital of small areas – 10-20 acres. Sale of land suitable for construction of affordable homes interested buyers in the first place. Lots of 10-15 acres of the leading destinations that are not farther than 50 km from Moscow, were most popular in 2009.

In second place were located land in the Moscow region, remote at a distance of 60 km from the capital and the area of 8.6 ha. With the acquisition of the owners or the land auctions going on now sale of land in the suburbs. Meticulous documentation of the requires the purchase of land directly from the owner, and participate in the auction does not guarantee the purchase. In this case we can say that the cost of land is different. Plots in the suburbs, located in the direction of Rublyovka, are the most expensive, with some sections of the market price of more than 100 thousand dollars for a hundred, that may be ten times higher than the cadastral value of land. Sites located in Elias villages directions, are also costly. Increased consumer interest in the direction of Kiev after the reconstruction of the highway, as well as changes to attract the attention of the Yaroslavl highway customers.

Current are still land in the direction of the Minsk highway. Consumer demand for land in these areas due to the fact that they are prestigious, have good infrastructure and message transport to the capital, as well as a well-populated. BUT now, consumer demand is virtually zero, despite the fact that the purchase of land in these areas has several advantages. By Novorizhskoe direction number of proposals on which is more than 20% of the total, more opportunities to buy land. Number of proposals on Dmitrovsky, Yaroslavsky highway at 8, and 9% respectively, while the land sites in these destinations are also actually purchase. Shchelkovo and Yegoryevsk districts are most in demand. You can lock in the land market suburbs increased number of offerings, discounts, and further decline in prices for land. Completely available at the moment to get to the real value of the land at a distance of 20 km from Moscow. Luxury homes and country cottages, which sold for a pretty overpriced more recently, according to analysts in a short time waiting for lower prices. Were not in fact a number of elite real estate settlements, which are positioned as such by the developers. Often absent infrastructure in selected areas with a view to building, making the choice not the best. Surely such buildings will be cheaper in a few times, which will bring to the appropriate values of their cost. Sales to large discount the value of which can reach 10 to 35% of the value of an object or piece of land, already have a trend. Demand for land in the suburbs has fallen significantly due to the fact that the fall of 2008 the market of land plots in Moscow has been in stagnation associated with the reluctance of sellers to reduce prices. Trying to cope with the situation, sellers are reducing prices, and the number of proposals, meanwhile, is growing. on preliminary estimates, 40-50% may increase by year-end number of proposed options.

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