Saffron Hill

The city of Ulm can with the implementation of the project City station a new state quarter between the Olga road and the new gate in the theater district to use. The Ulm station should be redesigned as a central transportation hub. Directly at the traffic intersection of the motorways A 7 Wurzburg/feet/Lindau and A 8 Stuttgart-Munich located, with many federal roads as well as the ICE route and the airports of Munich and Stuttgart, is transport excellently positioned the twin cities of Ulm and Neu-Ulm and Ulm makes an interesting and attractive living and working room with varied recreational value. The constant high demand pushes for single-family and semi-detached houses on a limited range of historic buildings. According to the supply deficit, 220.000 EUR and more be achieved for semi-detached houses. Free-standing homes barely under 300,000 EUR are available in good locations. Also Furthermore, it is to be reckoned with an increasing demand and shrinking supply. Still, the best locations include Michels -, gallows – or Saffron Hill in the Centre of Ulm or the Neu Ulm Reutti.

In the surrounding area, exclusive residential real estate for EUR 400,000 can be purchased up to 800,000 EUR, while in Ulm good locations over EUR 1 million are paid. However, the price differences in the high mass of the location are dependent on. Strong demand for young families is evident for urban land. Within this target group, the topic becomes conscious building”in importance. Property prices move depending on the situation between 200 to 300 EUR per m sq. The peak for construction land is estimated currently on 450 EUR per m.

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