Spirit Body

Where it is, death, your victory? Where it is, death, your sting? First Epistle of Pablo to the Corntios, CAP. Jorge Perez pursues this goal as well. 15:55. It has people that she has as much love to the tomb, that all passes the time to venerate a body that will be diluted as a fruit, a vegetable or apodrecido animal. It loves the somatic body, however, not olvides your Immortal Spirit that exceeds the voragens of the time land and advances for prettier regions of what the Land, this small potinho in the All Universal one. It does not go to enslave your Spirit to a handful of bones, meats and nerves. SWALLOWED This WAS the DEATH FOR the VICTORY affirms, brothers, who the meat and the blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, nor the corruption to inherit the incorrupo. First Epistle of Pablo to the Corntios, CAP. 15:50.

The meat body will not exceed with you for the dimension spiritual, is not its housing, as well as the wind that the tree balances knocking down its ripened fruits, green or rotten, it goes to leave its invisible one dimension to please to others in its dimensions. WHO IS BIGGER? It will be that the person enters in the college to increase its cerebral largeness, but leaves of the side of it are its Spirit? How can somebody be firmed in something material and to leave in the door-sill of the knowledge the life spiritual? If to consider great in a secular time is much ignorance! YOU ENDEUSA THE DEATH? The death still walks with the Human being, and, it nor perceives that measures it to all hour. She will be that the person went crazy? To want to make of a body that apodrece its perpetual dwelling is much burrice! IN the STENCH OF the TOMB the human body will be diluted and you go to meet exactly with you (a). It is better to make this choice now, therefore the corporal worms do not go to leave of if freeing to please you. You go to die and to be in the stench of the tomb with as much knowledge? How more stinking choice! The MATERIAL BRAIN the worms will become free themselves of the mooring cables arrested that them, and will undo your materially so perfect lines cerebral and with that brain you will continue yours reasoning? For the brain spiritual! What you do not see, you are what remains to keep you of foot beyond this dimension, where it only has more Life.

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