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The Power Of Thought Is The Great Master For Manifesting.

Visions are formulated, agreed goals and wishes are passed to the universe. We do what we do, ultimately, to be happy. It’s not just about work and numbers. Behind all our wishes are always longing to be happy. RBC Capital Global Markets Tower is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The great art, dreams come true, is so, to feel so happy, as as if the target was already achieved. This is the most important lesson when it comes to making wishes and goals come true. To feel happy now is no matter the magic of manifesting, wisdom teacher Konfuzius has already taught, that the State of happiness, the whole life of a people of one on the other moment how can enchant. Once awareness is part of the personality, life is a flow of good.

Man is just a magnet for good experience. There are many ways to bring the feeling of happiness. However, any possibility does not fit for everyone. A very simple Exercise is the eyes to close, something to think about, what made one happy and to smile. Alone, this smile releases the energy of happiness. “Who during the day once again, always ask yourself: I’m happy now?” and he must deny this, has the chance to create a better life for himself.

The language of the soul, that prompts us to make a difference is a negative feeling. Who has good thoughts and cares, may be unhappy. Therefore, each feeling is of a message, to change the thoughts not be happy. If you are now unhappy, then you think happy. Who ruled it to be master of his thoughts, is a master of his life. Sonja ch. Kelz

Esodra Institute

The flower of the human consciousness is just new to unfold and the potential which it carries in itself, is enormous. It has the potential, what ever was to surpass everything. It can break all boundaries and create new worlds grow beyond itself. The knowledge, what we are actually capable of, will overwhelm us. By very specific techniques of quantum energy, it will be possible again to open these doors again detect lost truths, to accept in order to integrate them again in us.

It is important to realize that we are multidimensional beings, composed of many aspects of a being and we all share the same passion. We retrieve these aspects to us, we gain energy and increase our potential of possibilities. At the same time increases our knowledge potential. We see our task is to motivate people to the Centre for new energy, to a positive gain access to their own inherent power potential, Attitude to win and to align itself then accordingly. For this goal, we develop systems of quantum energy, the energy of the new age, which are all designed, due to which people self and his essence. We help him to let go of suffering and blocking experiences and traumas, are free. All of our energy systems were developed and manifested with the help of the spirit world.

They can be applied in their own work, as well as within a seminar, workshop or by means of a supporting energy treatment. We are constantly striving to develop other systems and tools for this work. We have an open house, where everyone is welcome, no matter what he thinks. Even people without prior knowledge of the esoteric section are welcome at any time. The tasks of our Centre for new energies present themselves as follows: bring the systems developed by the Esodra Institute and techniques, and, depending on the type and property his Energy alignment, in day-long workshops with appropriate training on dealing with energy. Seminars about two to three days, with intensive training and instruction in the relevant systems or techniques. Seminar documents and certificate of participation are included in the seminar fee. Intensive training over a corresponding period, where the respective systems in its whole form and ability will be trained. With applications on a mutual basis. At the end is the issue of a certificate for the permission to be able to pass on this. It belongs to the other task, specially developed treatment techniques bring the people closer to. This is always about energy treatments, in conjunction with different media, such as for example precious energy pictures the cure silk in our entire work diagnoses be made any or the like. We practice no sect-like techniques or methods. Who comes to us, does so at his own request and under their own responsibility.