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Pamela Anderson Submit Divorce!

The former Baywatchnixe has filed for divorce after a short time after her marriage with Rick Salomon. Pamela Anderson has filed for divorce from her third husband, Rick Salomon. And after less than 2 months. Anderson has filed court Los Angeles divorce last Friday at the superior, due to irreconcilable differences. She said that she already have separated themselves on Thursday from Rick. But on Monday, they were seen at a shopping spree and appeared in a small note on Pam’s official website on Tuesday: “We are working on a few things” Anderson married Salomon on the 6th at the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas, a break her stage show with magician Hans Klock. Their Manager and even Pamela Anderson not commented on details of the divorce.

Only so much that Pam is not happy of course but nevertheless the divorce wants to pull through. She now only forward time on a common time with their kids in Malibu. Photo by: MAVRIX for both, it was already the third marriage. Anderson was previously married to Tommy Lee and Kid Rock and Salomon with Elizabeth daily and Shannen Doherty. The divorce was known by CelebTV.com wait we from what man still so everything is experienced… Lisa Walters

James Cameron

“The best film of the year critics call avatar departure for Pandora” as best film of all time and predict Oscar nominations already. And for Oscars is James Cameron since his world-wide success Titanic”, almost predestined. James Cameron has again even surpassed themselves and created a new piece of the history of cinema with this film. “A soundtrack with Oscar quality demands a great movie great music dawn is the creators of the soundtrack to avatar Pandora” managed a true masterpiece. The rousing music was composed by two-time Oscar – winner James Horner has been.

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