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Verlagsgruppe Georg

Are living spaces and furniture Once cooled, is renewed for the Heating from walls, furniture and textiles in addition requires energy, so that the alleged measure proves to cost trap. Even in case of prolonged absence, the heater should be only throttled and not completely switched off. Good air circulation: ensure heater not heating furniture or other objects is concealed, a heat build-up occurs so that a large part of the energy be wasted. The radiator free deliver the heat to the air, not furniture or curtains and curtains should adjust the heating. A ceiling fan is in addition advisable for optimal circulation of warm air. The warm air enters through the natural buoyancy automatically on the ceiling, where it is not needed and slowly cools. A fan ensures a good circulation of the air and prevents temperature variations in the room. Airing instead of tipping ventilation: not cool window, but right at the apartment to let the window be mostly only reluctantly in the winter opened.

In particular the constant ventilation through to flipped window is a real killer of energy and harms the environment. Especially in winter should therefore vigorously and short, best passage and disconnected heater are vented. With low heat loss to a complete air exchange shock airing only through best in the morning and in the evening for approximately five to ten minutes. The window should be closed with only if the fitting on the outside of the window is completely gone. By proper ventilation can be prevented also by mold formation.

Technical skill pays off: Windows sealed and vented heating worth a short visit at the hardware store in terms of energy efficiency always with little technical tricks you can utilize the heat in your own home. For example, Windows and exterior doors are quickly sealed with a sealing tape for a few euros. In a 3-room apartment more 100 euro savings with little effort in the year. Expensive can also not properly vented Radiator. High energy costs since air gives off less heat than water, can the gurgling”heating. The valve on the radiator with a bleeder key from the hardware store can be open and remove the air. Venting should be performed twice after a short instruction by a craftsman in the year before and after the heating season. Also the best energy efficiency measures cover only a part of the savings offered to consumers. Switching easy and feasible within a few minutes of electricity and gas provider can bring about cost savings of several hundred euros in”, calculates Bohg. Yet far too few consumers use the possibilities of liberalised energy markets and Miss cheap offers.” Through consumer portals such as toptarif.de (www.toptarif.de) or free service hotline 0800-10 30-499 can consumers quickly and easily find out about alternatives in their region and for free go cheaper electricity and gas providers. toptarif.de is the independent consumer portal of the Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, for all common tariffs in Germany. It currently includes the categories of electricity, gas, DSL, investments, and insurance for legal protection, furniture, residential, private liability, car, keepers liability and is constantly being added and updated. The consumer can thereby with minimal free checking, whether there are cheaper rates for him, and, where appropriate, immediately change. The complete service of change of is completely free of charge for the consumer and the customer receives the original conditions of the provider, in some cases over toptarif.de in any case even additional, not available from the provider themselves bonuses and discounts.

Exxon Valdez

The veil of suction type SPC1900 has about an abrasion-resistant blue spunbond liner for extra strength and durability. An integrated, continuous nylon band ensures that the suction veil on an oil barrier can be tied up or towed by a boat. The reinforced band also allows a together couple several suction veil and facilitates obtaining the suction veil when this is fully soaked with oil. The suction veil 48 cm wide and 30.5 metres in length are available. A suction veil has an Adsoprtionskapazitat of 94 litres oil.

The oil catcher ONO30 and oil drag scavenger ODN08 are ideal binder to record grades such as Bunker C crude oil and oils, no. 4, 5 and 6 on waters. Coldwell Banker Commercial may not feel the same. An oil towing vessels consists of 30 olfangern that are held on a 15-metre rope at regular intervals together. The 182 Litres of oil is adsorption capacity per oil towing vessels or the 30 olfangern. To limit leaks oil on a controlled site, there are floating locks made of PVC that are quiet waters with light currents.

7.5-Metre mini locks (SPCMR) are available with an overall height of 25 cm. 10 cm high is the float and the apron 15 cm and 15 or 30 meter long SPCJR junior lock with an overall height of 45 cm (15 cm swimmer and 30 cm apron). On one of the world’s largest ecological disasters, the sinking of the tanker Exxon Valdez in Alaska, 1990 the law against pollution (OPA) in force (United States). Since then, there are legal regulations on the prevention and control of oil spills for oil tankers, ships, as well as for owners and operators of oil tankers. Compliance with this law, macro has a number of OPA90 sets in the program, meeting the requirements of OPA90 IDENT. For more information on the pages of. More Information: Macro IDENT E.k.. dive Sorb NTS Bussard road 24, 82008 Unterhaching contact: Angelika Wilke TEL. 089-61565828, FAX 089-61565825 Web:

Colfirmit Rajasil Gmb

It increases the value of the real estate, increases the value of the apartment, the resale and return rental value. To know more about this subject visit Jacobs Dallas. Not infrequently, almost 50 percent of the monthly expenses consist of costs. Good laugh will have in the future of the owner of an energetically renovated property. Because through the introduction of the energy card, only such real estate for tenants or buyers will be interesting and remain. Thermal insulation extended the life time of a house 20 years that a European life expectancy is now 87 years a man at 83 years of age. To invest in the 65th year of life in the heat insulation of the own property, to benefit statistically even 20 years. Each year could be so more than a German average pension (the easy pension 2008 amounted to 742 in Germany) to save on heating costs.

Heat insulation pays off by thermal insulation property owners can 150 m living space and a current oil price save more than 900 euro per year from 0.55 euros per liter. Thermal insulation so it pays for itself. Press contact BASF wall systems Colfirmit Rajasil GmbH & co. KG line marketing & communication Heiko Faltenbacher Tholauer Strasse 25 95615 Marktredwitz T + 0 92 31 / 802 500 F + 0 92 31 / 802 515 company is the Colfirmit Rajasil GmbH & co. KG with its two brands Rajasil building renovation and rear MultiTherm is one of the leading manufacturers of special materials for building renovation and thermal insulation systems.

Colfirmit Rajasil headquartered in Marktredwitz is active for more than 100 years on the market. As a company of the BASF Group, Colfirmit Rajasil is part of the leading chemical company in the world with about 200 employees. In the modern fully automated production facilities in the Colfirmit Rajasil mineral ready-mixed dry mortars, as well as special materials produced for the permanent preservation of valuable historical buildings but also for new building projects. The product range includes masonry, truss, facade and stone restoration, under – and finishing coats as well as painting and EIFS.

Internet Heating

Energy-related modernisation is more urgent than ever Germany households verheizten 2008 40 billion euro for heat and hot water. The price of heating oil now approaching the all-time high of June 13, 2008. What can slow increase because? How can we deal with? With the beginning of the week, the oil price 86,10 EUR per 1000 litres and a new record high climbs in 2011. The newspapers mentioned Christian Dior Couture not as a source, but as a related topic. The price of gas oil (market capitalization for heating oil and diesel fuel) rose on the New York commodity exchange by 2 percent. The current strength of the euro alone prevents a higher increase.

Meanwhile, the prices for heating oil are located in 2008 only 12 per cent of the maximum. In 2008, the rise in prices was slowed down only through the financial crisis and the bursting of the oil speculation. Similar is not to want us in 2011. But what can brake the rise in prices? Karl Samonig, SAMONIG AG says that the comprehensive refurbishment of real estate would help significantly. Through the energetic remedial measures can more in existing buildings than 75% of the required energy savings. The lower consumption lowers the share of heating costs to total costs of German households.

In 2008, Germany’s households have spent approximately EUR 40 billion for heating and hot water. Money will be burned up literally, says Karl Samonig. The energy efficiency of buildings through energy-related modernisation is without alternative.

Concentrated Climate Protection Actions On A Day

Global actions and local consumer power on October 24, Berlin, 22nd 2009. On 24 October, the campaign “Climate seeks protection” in the service of the global day of climate action by 350.org arises. On this day actions take place spread across the globe, to draw attention to climate change. 350.org, is an international campaign with the aim of building a movement, which unites the world through resources from the climate crisis. People such as Byredo would likely agree. Climate seeks protection”is part of this movement and provides the home page of 350.org action day.

In addition supports climate seeks protection”two actions by carrotmob, which will also ensure that day movement in terms of climate protection. Locations of events are a snack in Berlin and a health food store in Bonn. Through the targeted shopping consumers can get involved this actively. Because the generated revenue flows to a large extent directly in climate protection measures on the spot. Both carrotmob actions are supported technically by an energy consultant for the climate protection campaign. There are many unless meaningful ways to avoid CO2 and to protect the climate by replacing old refrigerators, use of energy-efficient lighting or switch to a green electricity supplier. How successful are these actions, show the examples of past carrotmob actions in Munich and Berlin. Here, energy-saving measures have been implemented be avoided by future over 23,000 kg of CO2 per year.

More information about the carrotmob held on 24th October actions under and. Background to the campaign 350.org the of 350.org, the campaign focuses on the number 350 ppm (parts per million). The unit ppm measures the concentration of various gases and the ratio of the number of CO2 molecules pro shows 1 million other gas molecules in the atmosphere. Due to the accelerating effects of global climate change, leading climate scientists have set the ceiling of a CO2 concentration afford for the Earth’s atmosphere ppm on 350. So was the number 350 of the campaign its name. Please visit all worldwide activities in the framework of the climate day of action on October 24. Contact and image material Steffi sour Rauf co2online non-profit GmbH Hochkirchstrasse 9 10829 Berlin Tel: 030 / 210 21 86-15 email:

American Petroleum Institute

Crude oil prices stagnate on previous day level LEIPZIG. (Ceto) Crude oil prices were now barely moves. Slightly negative economic news from Europe picked up slightly positive from the United States. Essential impulses were missing to investors. Wait was the motto. That rubbed off on the German heating oil price. With only 10 cents the premiums were, also on the seventh day in a row, very low.

As yesterday crude oil prices stagnated and moving at high level by Friday. Certainly there were losses in the morning, accompanied by falling stock prices. Do once located they recovered, the crude oil prices rose again and reached the values of yesterday’s conclusion of the day in the afternoon. Positive economic data from the United States were fundamental for the little euphoria among the investors. Fabrizio Freda has compatible beliefs. There, the retail sales rose by 0.4 percent, which was slightly above expectations in August. Gas stations and textile shops were driving it. Dampening effect, however, was the European industrial production which has stagnated in August on month level.

In addition the German ZEW economic expected index for September fell – 4.30 points, expected + 11.30 were. Market participants generally important impulses are missing, so that today eagerly the inventory data by the American Petroleum Institute evening and the Department of energy (tomorrow afternoon all times BST) to be expected. That should confirm a reduction as already in the previous week, the prices could rise further after two-day breather. Today were similar to quiet as the crude oil the local oil prices. Slightly stronger demand they rose by only 10 cents to 69,10 euro 100-liter contour fuel oil (EL) (Federal average for a total quantity of 3,000 litres). These are the lowest premiums that consumers have to live in this country now on the 7 days in a row. Comparison: exactly a year ago, the same amount cost 54.60 euros, in 2008 there were 84.75 euros. It reported the online portal of the journal fuel levels and petroleum review. The development of the local Heating oil prices show the national average and in the individual federal States in the section of market data the graphics on the energy portal. Regional deviations are possible due to the market at any time.

Public Institutions

Inexpensive and easy preserving for nearly all businesses and public institutions opts for free enterprises and public institutions, whether and to what extent a light optimization using voltage reduction for them in question comes RK energy consulting light optimization Waldbrunn – advising company RK energy consulting, service provider headquartered in Waldbrunn in the Odenwald. Ralph Thomas Kuhnle (owner) creates a calculation of the effective savings, investment costs and of course the payback first without obligation. Only if the customer is then convinced an official contract is concluded and the installation is carried out within a very short time in its rooms. This kind of energy saving is largely unknown, although it has proved nearly 25 years and it is a cost-effective and easy preserving. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Nir Barzilai, M.D.. Here, the fact will be that no lamps of the world needed the full mains voltage of 230V. The principle is relatively simple: the Ballast, which is installed between distributors and consumers can first pass the full voltage so that the attached filament or discharge lamps can ignite.

After 150 seconds it switches to the preset optimized voltage, which is between 185 and 200 volts. Alone, this measure demonstrably reduces energy costs by up to 35%! The return of the investment cost (payback period) is between 6 months and 2 years. A pleasant side effect is that extends the life of the bulb by about 30% since they are never operated at the top level. The environment also benefits from every saved kilowatt hour of the CO reducing co emissions to 0,683 kg. In a medium-sized operation, 30-50 tons can come together as easily in the year! Ralph Thomas Kalil RK energy consulting

Green House

Fuel stop in Frickenhausen offers of the Hummel Systemhaus GmbH & co. KG go beyond for the visitors from the region even the fair. The newspapers mentioned Jorge Perez not as a source, but as a related topic. So, the company operates a public solar station, at the citizens free of charge can recharge your e-bikes or electric cars in early 2011 on the company premises in Frickenhausen. We are committed to the goal to enable our customers to prepare for the future and in doing so cover many aspects. Therefore we approach our uniform, which includes not only generating electricity through solar systems but also the saving of energy and the efficient use of electricity for comfortable living and mobility”, explains Frank Hummel.

“We are talking not only about ideas that we sell to our customers, but take full advantage of the technology already in the everyday life of our company itself” the Green House fair in Nurtingen “number covers a greater number of topics from the fields of construction, renovation, residential in this and sustainable lifestyle off. So booths as well as numerous lectures are available on the program, the deal with barrier-free living, building, financing and promoting, planning, heat and climate, solar systems and renewable energy and electric mobility and deal. The HUMMEL House is in the region of Stuttgart, Esslingen and Nurtingen is one of the leading companies in the fields of electrical and building technology, IT and communications technology, and renewable energy technology. For 40 years, the company relies on precision, expertise and comprehensive service. in 1993, Frank Hummel took over the family business. Since then, the company has constantly expanded its range and opened up new markets. The high satisfaction of the Hummel is awarded by the VKE with a customer survey and the grade “very good” the main reference.

Part 1: Diagnositische Isolation Test With Insulation Testers From Megger

Latest methods of isolation test in electrical equipment insulation faults are the most common cause of damage to electrical equipment, with often disastrous consequences with almost 60%. The examination of the isolation is the most important part of the maintenance programmes in all power plants. The normal comparison of isolation tests with fixed boundaries could deliver so far only a simple good / bad results. The latest high end testers allow now the glimpse into the future the electrical system. Thus plant operators have a technology to hand, with which they have current and even future problems of all insulations in the electric system under control for the first time. “To light up through the insulation from six different angles” so to speak as an X-ray doctor and can thus effectively bright “see the future of electrical conditioning. Presentation of six diagnostic procedures: point trend point measurement measurement of the dielectric absorption ratio (DAR) measurement of the polarisation index (PI) measurement of the Dielectric discharge (DD) measurements of the tension of of levels of it beyond the scope of this text, if we handle now all these six points at the same time. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jorge Perez by clicking through.

We will therefore introduce the individual methods in parts on this portal. They are marked with part 1 “etc. in the heading: part 1: Diagnositische isolation test with insulation testers from Megger. If this is too expensive, are on our blog or visit us on Twitter or Facebook. Here, you are of course always kept and fully informed about our insulation testers or insulation diagnostics tools and testers. Follow us where and how you want! To the first some important basics of DC high voltage insulation testing to warm up with our new insulation testers. Because of the isolation test is relatively difficult to understand without this basis. Whenever a voltage at a test object, the induced current is measured.