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Virtual Online Store

Many webmasters to be able to take off greater profit of its site, opt to the creation of store online, where online vendem something to the users receiving a tax for itself to be able to keep the site, in the article of today I go to explain if this is positive or negative. Beyond housing site and having it online, it is necessary to earn with it. Reason? If it has a community that it has sufficiently assduos members and that they sufficiently like the community, without a doubt that about 80% of these members they will go to order at least one of the item of the store (case is created). later users VIP also follow themselves (in case that he uses this type of rank), that I think that the purchase probability remains it the same one, to put, will be able to surprise therefore if users VIP’ s had been made use to helping to the community acquiring service VIP, will probably help buying an item. To know more about this subject visit Estée Lauder. The necessary budget? I think that you know in what you are to putting to put, I go to more alert a time on this. To initiate the store already you will have that to order an amount of item (how much bigger to the amount more cheap) I think that until here it does not have new features. But later, you will have that to keep the item in house, to receive you will have that to pay them the value of the item + a tax + the sending.

This will go to make to lose you some money, being that of followed you will have that to charge more to the users of the community, and they, also will have that to pay the costs to receive, what so far leaves the item to some high prices a bit. Hear other arguments on the topic with Edward Minskoff. I find that in the case of t-shirts, they are you already to the return of 15? /cada. But for 15? to buy one more t-shirt together 10? purchases one of the Element, DC (or another known popular mark/) Where I am to trying to arrive is that if very it will not be well thought and to enter in agreements with companies, you go to have work in go to creating to the store for one or two sales. It is necessary to have a good public, to reach people, either its site on Frigobar, or on Retroescavadeira, it is necessary to conquer visits. Companies who you recommend? For the case of wanting to advance with the idea, I must then recommend some good store to it for the effect..

Cutting Air

Residual air content in the test was less than 1%. Pasta obtain a smooth, transparent and have a rich yellow, with shades of anguish inherent in the color. The color products become, in the first place – because of the lack of oxidation of the pigments – the color they specify, and secondly – for lack of air in the inner layers of products, which increases the capacity for light rays and a greater number of pigment molecules involved in color formation, in the third – there is no darkening of the test associated with the activity of the enzyme polyphenol oxidase, in contact with air. Estee Lauder Chief Executive has firm opinions on the matter. This activity, if it is present in the presence of air, makes pasta products muddy dark color and shades. Was determined by the residual air pressure in the kneading trough, which allows to produce pasta without defects due to air content in the dough. It is not more than 20KPa (vacuum -0.8 kg / cm ). Cutting Cutting raw pasta raw pasta is carried out directly after vypressovyvaniya.

Purpose – Preparation of articles for drying. Cutting is blasting, cutting and layout of pasta. From the quality of these operations depends on the performance of the drying media, consumption of raw materials and finished products quality. Blow your produce to prevent pasta sticking together, for better cutting. Blown molding products usually air separation – temperatures 25 C and humidity 60-70%. When using the products after processing gigrotermichesskoy vypressovyvaniya and cutting, blasting is performed immediately after this treatment, to fix the surface gloss and to prevent sticking. Essence gigrotermichesskoy processing is the handling of raw product dry steam for 3-5s, followed by blasting. The temperature of superheated steam – 110 C to 140 C. Gigrotermicheskaya treatment of products before drying can significantly reduce the subsequent process of drying them, due to possibility of initially more stringent regime of drying, without fear of cracking.

Primers For Metal

Primers for metals are intended to protect them from corrosion. They are applied to the prepared surface to be painted after drying and form a uniform film, which will ensure a quality application of paint. Primers for metal is divided into several types: isolating, passivation, phosphating inhibiting, protective and rust converters. Isolating Primer prevent the penetration of moisture and oxygen to the protected surface. Applied mainly to ferrous metals. One advantage is low cost.

Passivating primer help to reduce the electrochemical activity of the metal, ie make the surface chemically passive, which greatly slows down the corrosion coating. Phosphating primer noticeably easier color galvanized steel, to which most paints do not have sufficient adhesion. One of the New types of primers are inhibitory. Their structure introduced corrosion inhibitors, which led to the creation of a new kind of paints – primer enamel. The composition of protector of primers includes a large number superfine metal powders that perform security functions (the tread), namely, first to take the hit for the destructive effect on the metal surface.

When it is impossible to completely clear prepared by painting the surface, apply a primer – rust converter. After using them loose upper layer is easily removed from coating mechanically. Choosing the appropriate type of primer metal, you're ready to spray her. The layer should be thin compared with the outer layer of paint. The primer is applied by brush, roller, swab or a paint sprayer. If the surface coating has turned glossy, should be lightly cleaned with emery cloth her. This is done for better adhesion to subsequent layers of paint materials. At the end of priming can proceed to the following operations – Shpatlevanie and painting. Primer – an indispensable tool to combat atmospheric oxidation, one-or two-layer coating is performed before staining, in addition to the protective properties of telling a better topcoat adhesion to the substrate. When choosing composition is important to know that for various metals using different primers. This is the case when a label on the can "universal ground" should be taken skeptically. Ferrous metals require high corrosion protection, while the surface color in the applied composition should have a good adhesion.

Wall Concrete Blocks

Concrete block (cinder blocks) – is a versatile building material, first-class replacement usual brick, monolith, foam, and gazoblokam. Appointment of concrete block wall – bearing construction (internal and external) and partition walls in a residential (civil) and industrial buildings for the erection of a lot and low-rise buildings. Also, the concrete blocks are widely used in the construction of decorative fences, in other words – the fences. In of the concrete wall (also called peschanobetonnye, peskobetonnye, peschanotsementnye) blocks are sand, gravel, cement, and plasticizers, which improve their physical characteristics. Thus, Concrete blocks are safe from an environmental point of view, America and many European countries, such blocks are called “biobloki.” These blocks are not afraid of the negative impact of the environment – they are not afraid of rain, wind, frost and high temperature. From moisture, as you know, it only gets stronger the concrete (at least the first 50 years) and at high temperatures, direct sunlight, does not emit harmful to humans. Based on the foregoing, Concrete wall blocks – excellent building material for walls, as well as weather conditions for these units are not terrible, they are ideal for cladding of buildings and building fences. Among other things, simply laid under unravel the blocks are neat and a good appearance, and fences made of concrete blocks, look neat and rich.

Thanks to the cutting of voids in the blocks, they can be reinforced and concrete – that is, they can serve as a permanent form. This is especially in demand when there is a need to make monolithic columns, or to further strengthen the walls, the construction of the basement (basement) floor. Cost of concrete blocks is much lower than virtually all such materials for the construction of walls, including brick and other building blocks. The main advantages, besides lower prices, include the following: compared with the brick, masonry block is 3 … 5 times faster binder solution required 2.5 times less, compared to the foam and gazoblokami, concrete blocks are much stronger, which absorbs less moisture and are not afraid of her actions. Hollow core concrete blocks are widely used in America and many European countries.

Birch Wood

Having spent many years in the construction of wooden houses, never asked the question, but why not build a house out of birch? Always used in construction materials such as pine, fir, larch, oak and cedar. But birch tree, too, and it can also be used in construction. By reviewing a lot of literature, I want to tell you why it is all the same houses are not built of birch. To begin with, that describe the tree and its properties: 1. Color Wood white with a pinkish or yellowish tinge, 2.

Medullary rays are narrow, differing only in radial section 3. Annual rings vary bad 4. Jorge L. Perez is likely to increase your knowledge. Wood moderately hard, uniform in density, well processed 5. It has a great resistance to splitting, is easy to simulate a valuable species, well painted and polished, impregnated with antiseptics, 6. Birch is subject to warping and decay.

The most valuable for the manufacture of flooring is the Karelian birch, which has a particularly beautiful texture and color; Birch – genus of shrubs and trees from the family of Birch. In Russia birch assigned to the most common tree species. The average value of dry weight is 640 kilograms per cubic meter. Most of the various components of birch bark, namely, wood, bark, birch sap, is used in agriculture. These parts, as leaves and buds are used in medicine. Also, certain types of rocks used in ornamental horticulture, for the establishment of shelter belts. Leaf cover and birch buds from time immemorial used in folk medicine as an antipyretic and antiseptic. That is why the branches are made from birch twigs bath. On the feast of the Holy Trinity Church of the home and decorate with birch branches. In early spring birch begins to give the so-called birch sap. However, the harm caused by the collection of juice, is quite large, because the holes through which the juice is collected and then penetrate the microscopic organisms that cause rotting wood. The main value is its undemanding birch, namely, it has the property to resume its growth in different conditions. Berezaobshirno used in the national economy, as well as her receive high quality raw materials for various industries. Wood is well polished, easy to process and has the properties of elasticity and homogeneity. Made of wood flooring, skis, plywood, turnery. Birch has high physical and mechanical properties. Wood itself rather smooth and has a homogeneous structure. It also has a pale brown core and has a broad white-cream sapwood. Birch wood can be easily put into the form that will be like a valuable tree species, and because of this property birch is widely used in interior decoration wooden house. Wood is very solid and sturdy, in especially at impact, but the tree does not tolerate a large abundance of moisture and high humidity starts, thanks to the development of fungus, rot very quickly, any birch log turns into dust for a year or two, and then faster, thus limiting its use in construction of houses made of wood.