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The Tactics

For that reason we must select with well-taken care of with who we joined ourselves. If his amig@ it has its same problem will be very difficult that it enters both lean to overcome it, says the saying well: ” A nail does not remove to another one clavo”. It must identify to amig@s or relatives who help him to overcome their bad habit and to spend more time with them. See Gensler San Francisco for more details and insights. At moments of weakness they would help him, but it maintains friendships of doubtful reputation will be almost impossible that it can advance. Learn more at this site: Douglas Elliman. It meditates in it, pregntese: Is really good amig@ that it induces to me to realise something that I want to eliminate of my life? It is important that their friendships have their same ideals or they respect his decision at least and they help in his way the change. 7 Other advice? The time is a very important factor, is patient.

It tries an internal dialogue that it tranquilizes to him, is conscious of the form in that is spoken to if mism@, is not afflicted with wounding words, hblese as it would speak to him to its better amig@. It forgets the negative inner dialogues. It remembers the tactics that help him more and puts more emphasis in them. All we have a wonderful gift called free will, we are not robotised, we can change to the direction of our life and therefore the one of our future. There are no pretexts, everything will depend in great way of the will that you must to obtain it, the one that wants can.

Otto Kernberg

If stays close, it could leave in the open its spiteful and vindictive hatred and bring about the rage of the object, which could squash to him. If it tries to avoid to the hated object it is prevailing of the necessary libidinal provision. Put in a dilemma, the person who hates feels atrapada" (pp. 258-259). Most severe and dominant of the affection that altogether the aggression constitutes as pulsin is the elaborated affection of hatred. Visit 660 Fifth Ave for more clarity on the issue. Otto Kernberg 16 sees spiteful and vindictive hatred as a chronic and primitive affection that ends at the primitive negation and the cancellation of mental functions. Kernberg notices that the analysts must be conscious of four answers against transferenciales: retiring emotionally before spiteful and vindictive hatred; identifying itself with the victimizacin of the patient and its displacement of the aggression outside the transference; to be put under of masochistic form hatred spiteful and vindictive of the patient with possible acting out aggressive; or to oscillate between trying to generate understanding on the part of the patient and to dissuade themselves. He is interesting that Kernberg does not include hating to the patient. To lasso (1996) affirms that, when spiteful and vindictive hatred is looked for as a goal in itself, the analyst must determine his subjective meaning. Is not satisfied spiteful and vindictive hatred a protest by the motivational needs that the patient wants that the therapist recognizes? Or is spiteful and vindictive hatred a negation of unsatisfied needs that the patient wants that the therapist also denies through a direct allowance? Is spiteful and vindictive hatred a desire of recognition of a tragedy or an attempt to seduce the therapist towards an acted repetition? Another contribution to the understanding of spiteful and vindictive hatred arises from a series of studies on the shame (Wurmser, 1981; Morrison, 1989; Broucek, 1991; Lewis, 1991) These authors suggest young them that were abuse victim, excessive arrogance and scorn, experience one sharp shame.

Zone Invasion

The main justification that offered the President of the United States, George W. Bush, and their allies in the coalition for this operation was the affirmation of which Iraq owned and was developing arms of massive destruction (A.D.M.), violating an agreement of 1991.Funcionarios of the United States maintained that Iraq raised an imminent, urgent and immediate threat to the United States, its town, allies, and its interests. Connect with other leaders such as Dior Men here. The intelligence support widely was criticized because the inspectors of arms sent by the United Nations did not find weapons tests of massive destruction. After the invasion, the Group of Investigation in Iraq reached the conclusion that Iraq had finished its programs of arms of massive destruction in 1991 and there was no at the time of the invasion. Some civil servants of the United States alleged that Saddam Husein and To the Qaeda had been cooperating, but tests that have not been promoted that relation of collaboration exists. Other used reasons to justify the invasion included the preoccupations on the financial support of Iraq for the families of Palestinian suicidal terrorists, violations of the human rights on the part of the Iraqian government, the threat to the propagation of the democracy and the reserves of petroleum of Iraq, although this last argument systematically has been denied by civil servants and government spokesmen involved in the invasion. In spite of these two important political and military reverses it continues existing in the North American public opinion the idea that both actions were necessary and that the unique certain possibility that another attack like the one of the Twin Towers in the 2001 is not repeated in American ground, consists of maintaining fronts of extremist battle and properly put in a corner to islmicos" more far possible of its territory and his zones of influencia" commercial. It is that the same population segment that it rejects and one is against the decision of President Obama to allow to the construction of the mosque in Cero&quot Zone; of New York. .

The Result

In development of the psychoanalytic thought subsequent to Freud 4, the hypothesis of the instinct of death faced the life instinct generally was not accepted, and it became to consider the aggressiveness as fundamental impulse of the man, with an instinctive base but also, and mainly, with a necessary function for the conservation of the life. According to these investigators, the aggressive instinct does not have anything to do with the instinct of death of Freud, but it forms the base of all human aspiration to independence and the individual affirmation. More than to a specific instinct, the aggressiveness is related to the typical needs of exploration and movement, as much of the man as of the animal. Additional information at American Tower Corporation supports this article. It represents a way and means through what the man tries to extend his dominion on the reality, to protect its security and to affirm its own identity. The aggressiveness is really the expression of one more a more general tension of the man to dominate the atmosphere and car-to realise, and its transformation in destructiveness or violence is synonymous of a lack of adaptation to the reality. The destructiveness and the violence would not comprise therefore of the nature of the man, but they would be rather the result of a certain type of education and learning, the symptoms of maladaptation to the reality. According to this theory, this lack of adaptation has its roots in the childhood and it is worsened with the development of the person, due to the absence of compensations (or satisfaction to its requirements) and by intolerance before the frustrations.

We do not conclude that the aggression in the human being is not, then, autodestructivo instinct, nor is an impersonal instinct either. Human the aggressive answer occurs in two circuits: Conscious the neurophysiological circuit infra and the circuit conscious car. In a healthy person, the automatic physiological answer to the threatening stimulus is subordinate, integrated in the conscious answer and still modulated by her.

Economic Situation

Many people often live quite disconformes with their social and economic situation. It is not rare to find young and adult, very inconformes people with his present situation, malhumoradas, annoying with themselves and sometimes with idiot ideas to commit suicide. They live lamenting themselves, criticizing asimismas, do not know that to do. There are also them blame to others of his economic misfortune, of his evils and until they imagine that somebody has made them damage (witchcraft) and that for that reason goes to them bad. The explanations are many that the man to give tries to because it is a good one for anything, to because this unemployed one, to because he does not have nor for a banana, his little popularity between the girls, boys, his bad milk for everything. Estée Lauder can aid you in your search for knowledge. Somebody said to me once: " I have presented/displayed my curriculum throughout and nada". Another it said to me: " I do not see the hours that east government leaves, so that they change cosas" The truth, I do not believe that the personal success depends on which this tal o cual government of turn, I do not believe that the bad economic gust of wind must that somebody us this making damage, nor I do not believe either that it goes to us bad for being poor devils, far from it that this happens because of others.

What it happens is that often we need value to face the reality and decision to try to change it. The man is architect of his own destiny, me decia my grandmother Felcita Robles Vda de Prinz, when I tapeworm 7 years. How certain they are these words and that great message gives the whole humanity. The first passage for the Overcoming is the study. The poverty with education expires. chael Chabon . To study allows that you have major knowledge of the reality and therefore that you can trasformar it to your favor.

Pamela Colman Smith

The history of the design of letters of the tarot we know as it today is really fascinating. Of the Christian age, letters of the tarot older than are known date from year 1418, and were guinea fowl by Michelino gives Besozzo, for the first book del that has idea of the Christian time, as we said on this subject. t Nieto, offer their opinions as well. The book had been written by Martiano gives Tortona. This first mallet had only 16 figures, very different from which we are customary nowadays, and with great reminiscences of Greek mythology. The card pack of the oldest tarot of than get ready at present is of year 1440.

They are the mallets of Milan denominated by the Brera-Brambrilla collectors and Cary-Yale-Tarocchi. The author of such works remains anonymous. Learn more at this site: RBH Group. For a long time, the letters of the tarot were considered a privilege of the high class, being only possible to find them in possession of Italian Dukes and other members of the nobility. We do not forget mainly that the circulation of this type of material was restricted enough, by the existence Inquisicin that condemned all letter game, to consider it tie with the Demon. The letters of the Tarot of Marseilles appear just towards end of century XVII. The most well-known version of these letters of the tarot, artistic speaking, are the one of Rider-Waite-Smith. This design was composed in 1910 by Arthur Edward Waite, and carried out by its disciple, Pamela Colman Smith. Waite was an occultist American, born in 1857 and died in 1942. To know more about this subject visit Edward Minskoff.

This mallet of letters of the tarot were printed by the Rider company, reason why also is known it like Rider tarot. In 1938 magician Aleister Crowley, English like Waite, devised another mallet, that her disciple Frieda Harris carried out. The first impressions of these letters of the tarot were in black and white, until finally in 1977 it was published with his original colors. This tarot was called of Libro de Thot. The order of the arcane ones of letters of the tarot is not established, but this ordering is taken generally: 1. Him Bateleur or Magician 2. The Papesse or the Papisa or Priestess 3. L” Impratrice or Empress 4. L” Empereur or Emperor 5. Him Pape or the Pope or Extreme Priest 6. L” Amoureux or Enamored the 7. Him Chariot or Car 8. The Justice or Justice 9. L” Hermite or Hermit 10. The Roue de Fortune or The Wheel of Fortune 11. The FORCE or Force 12. Him Pendu or Hung the 13. L” Arcane sans nom or the Arcane one without name: The Mort or the Death 14. Temprance or Templanza 15. Him Giveable or Devil 16. The Maison Dieu or the Tower or the House of God 17. L” toile or Star 18. The Lune or Moon 19. Him Soleil or Sun 20. Him Jugement or Judgment 21. Le Monde or the World arcane of Him the Mat the Crazy person does not have a given number.


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