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The Postmaster Magazine

The letter-online portal is suitable not only for freelancers or small – and medium-sized enterprises, but also for larger organizations or companies with multiple offices. To the payroll within a company can BoP software”cost centers be set up even for different individuals or departments or branches. Especially companies from the areas of collection, insurance, trade, etc. already widely use the letter-online portal (invoices, reminders, general correspondence, mailings, etc.) and appreciate the universal possibilities and savings potential of highly! This portal solution for companies based outside of Germany is extremely interesting. The shipping of items of correspondence is possible around the world.

Apply abroad in the BoP “fare product calculators () designated cost.” Also the safety concepts are convincing: all the Data transmitted Briefonlineportal transmitted encrypted through certificate-secured data. Go to IBI Group for more information. A SSL data line with 128-bit encryption is the security standard, which is also used for the transmission of data among banks to the application. As an additional service, mail to print the download of free business templates offers the client: in letter templates, offer, order template, invoice template and warning templates personal contact and business data in header and footer can be inserted, as well the corresponding company logo. On request, mail to print takes over even the creation of individual electronic business templates for a small handling fee. The Postmaster Magazine describes the online letter portals in detail in its current issue 3/2009 and certified mail to print a very versatile offer: postmaster-magazin.de /…online_briefportale.PDF company information mail was in June 2007 as a Start-Up company to print mail to print innovative mail distribution GmbH”in Ratingen founded. Not classic letter part of shipping companies as a provider of a group of neutral, independent platform for DV-based mail value added services with an innovative character mail to print in the liberalized mail market in Germany has occupied a position. The offer includes services provided in its own activities as well as through involvement of partner companies. The core is about the DV-based creation of letters.

The customer data to mail to print access via data line. You will be processed and routed to printers. There the physical shipments are created, enveloped, franked and finally sorted passed one or more Briefzustelldienstleister. With an average of 10 million coordinated letters per month, mail to print counts today nationwide as one of the leading providers in this segment. With the product range of BDS (letter distribution solution) mail to print offers a solution aimed specifically to large customers with high mail volumes. Leading telecommunications company or Internet portal provider know already to use this service. Also the online-portal (SOP) is unique. It offers wholesale direct connectivity in their own operational processes.

The Efficiency

Parent and insights offered by the quick-check, should encourage to reflect and critical perspective. For example, answers to the question which game rooms connected there the balance sheet for securing liquidity with optimization. Or a strategy check, structurally and in terms of content, allowing for an examination and examination of the strategy employed by the companies. While the strategy may be explicitly formulated or but implicitly as a basis of economic action. Quickly and with little effort, you can see through the quick-check, where priorities are set or on which rail operations is increasingly going: transaction driven, energetic, more online instead of offline or both? In collaboration or as an innovator and satellite? As a national or international service providers, specialist, universalist or Vertikalist? As better copier or a competitive offering Innovator? The quick-check seeks to make transparent the filialsystemeigenen possibilities and to stimulate the economic implementation. Thus it ensures that both the opportunities and the risks are clear, the own performance is considered where functional and quantitative. This means that growth opportunities and their financial sustainability in the quick-check are connected to each other to deliver to decision-making in the increasingly complex branch business.

So that the views of the Filialunternehmens prosperity is directed: sales / turnover, it is important to increase the rate of return to earn a lot. The rear services of the overhead so, so that the use of resources based on sales / turnover has high productivity. The companies owners / financiers reach adequate cash flow, a high financial security and return on equity. The chain service quick check is a practical decision support, you can easily try out. You are constantly updated.

Fed with data shows the quick-check the dynamic interactions between the main drivers of the Filialsystementwicklung, their financial viability and the efficiency of the system. A tool available that fit makes is thus strategically trading chains and is suitable for cross-practice, differentiated and above all predictive Filialunternehmens decisions. To use the quick check permanently, he is an integral part of the management of companies. Then, potential can be creative, innovative, and more effectively than previously realized.

Institute Ltd

Thus, it is the company that decides the future of the technology first and foremost. Trends and Megatrends and their influence on economy and society play a crucial role in the future for innovative technologies, if they want to succeed. Richard Parsons may also support this cause. 4. glocalization: Regional economic cycles experience due to globalization who so far has assumed that the Internet would restrict regional communication and economic processes or damage her comeback, has understood anything from the Internet. A quarter of all searches on Google have a local reference. Many economic processes are re regionalised in particular by rising commodity prices and rising wages in the emerging markets. 5. new working world: employee self entrepreneur rigid hierarchies, portly communication structures and linear business processes fit less and less to the fast-rotating digital business world of the 21st century.

Ruptures and discontinuities (such as self-employment, freelance project work, temporary unemployment or Multijobbing) belong to the new standard of the world of work. The desire will become the decisive productive power for future-oriented companies after a meaningful occupation and self-realization in the job in the economy of tomorrow. “6 globalization 4.0: in the economy of tomorrow, there is no little” more after the bursts of productivity from the first two stages of globalization (European colonization to the middle of the 20th century and the cold war period with the economic alone America’s dominance), the biggest global economic boom of ever followed from the 1990s to the third phase of globalization. The global economic crisis leads now to a restructuring of the world economy and the global value system and the globalization of 4.0. Emerging markets start in the next few years increased production and Innovation in complex products and dissolve so that more and more of the dependence of the industrial countries. At the same time the return outgesourcten in recent years”jobs in the old countries of wealth.

7 back-to-basic: at a time of crisis the request logs for more authenticity and reality in the marketing back years of trend of polarization of luxury and discount markets will now end. A development to more substance and relevance on the markets and in the consumer makes noticeable: customers want to no longer between the extremes of super-cheap and luxury choose. “In the next few years the demand for will the real thing”, authentic and unique “products and brand concepts the market significantly influence. Consumers invest in future selected and conscious, because they want to feel addressed in their actual needs. 8 Female values: Competence rise of women characterizes the economics of the future success in the job, steep careers and social standing has long been reserved for men only, women only the role behind the stove and the mother remained. But just in the transition are creativity and knowledge to the knowledge age to always more significant resources in the process of value creation. The economy of tomorrow requires other skills: gut feelings, intuition, emotional intelligence all rather female properties take the place of systemic rationality of the industrial age. Daniela storm, future Institute Ltd.

Floor Construction

International trade fair for floor construction: earth tones and metal glass granulate Memmingen/Feuchtwangen are needed. Red and grey tones: are the color trends in screeds. Earth – and gold-colored glass granulate, which can be mixed with the concrete are also very much in demand at the moment. This tells Stefan Rudrich of the Fabrino production company mbH & co. KG. The company headquartered in the Bavarian Memmingen specializes in the production of additives for architectural concrete and is regarded as one of the world’s leading companies in this field.

By June 30 through July 2, 2011 Fabrino will present 2011 trend colours and glass granules for concrete floors at the international trade fair EstrichParkettFliese (EPF) in Feuchtwangen. “The current floor colors are clearly red and grey tones”, reported sales manager Rachnabto. Often, the optics of the screed with glass granules will beefed up even further. Here are earth tones at the customer at the moment and gold the Favorites. A trend, which comes from the Arab region and interspersed in this country more and more. The design surface is needed especially for hotel lobbies and representative companies floors.

High-quality screed can look fine also the floors of Metro stations. The bottom is but reserved not only companies, hotels and travel companies. More and more private house owners opt for the sophisticated eye-catcher. Color pigments in powder or liquid form available Fabrino delivers products for the refining of architectural concrete precast plants, ready-mixed concrete plants and concrete stone manufacturers for many years. The staff successfully transferred this knowledge on screeds and industrial floors. Whether a color as a powder or in liquid form is mixed with the screed, depends first and foremost the technical requirements. Experts argue about, whether liquid paints or pigments used, so that this is fast becoming a philosophical question”, explains engineer Torsten Rosenberg. The head of application engineering at Fabrino is for the Product development and testing charge. Fabrino can deliver the glass granules in numerous colors. The special thing about them is their special plastic coating. The coating prevents that glass and concrete in contact with each other can come and respond to each other. Also the so-called Fabrino color coats give an extraordinary look the screed and are patented. With the color coats for cementitious flooring Fabrino has an outstanding position in the competitive market. At the trade fair of EPF Fabrino is represented for the first time this year. “We look forward to many interesting conversations and answer all questions,” says Rachnabto. The company can be found at stand number A7. Target group for the products of the company are screed Leger, which serve the exclusive market.

CNC Plasma

MicroStep offers new plants but also constantly cheap second-hand equipment from his own forge and other manufacturers for resale or on behalf of customer to the company MicroStep offers CNC cutting systems for every need, such as for example burning cutting installations (Oxy), plasma cutting machines, laser cutting machines, water jet cutting machines or combined plasma oxy cutting equipment. Optionally, the systems can be equipped with tube cutters, chamfering units, drilling rigs and CCD camera. This enables the processing of steel plates or other electrically conductive materials such as stainless steel and aluminium with bevel cuts, clean interior lines and precise holes. Similarly, profiles, pipes, and dished can be cut and edited in various dimensions. This MicroStep delivers always the latest technology, as for example in the area of plasma the contour cut technology the Kjellberg Finsterwalde plasma and Maschinen GmbH, the precision cutting of thermal dynamics or the HyDefinition XD procedure with Truehole technology by HYPERTHERM. MicoStep burning cutting systems are equipped with the latest generation of machine cutting torch FIT + the GCE GmbH and are thus best car gene technology. In addition to new equipment, MicroStep offers cheap but also constantly used equipment from his own forge and other manufacturers for resale or on behalf of customer. These can be in the separate field of second-hand machines”are found on the website of MicroStep Europa. Via the contact form interested can contact directly with a counselor in conjunction.

Anodizing Of Aluminium

Metal finishing and finishing at WIOTEC aluminium forms an oxide layer, which serves as a protection against corrosion the material with oxygen from the air. This natural oxide layer is very thin however with 0.1 – 0.5 micrometers and has only a low hardness. This property of aluminum used in anodizing. So an optimized layer of oxide is produced under controlled technical conditions. The anodising of aluminium is therefore a method of surface technology in aluminium processing.

An Anodic oxidation creates an oxide protective layer on aluminum. Edward Minskoff: the source for more info. Unlike electroplating aluminum treatment no protective layer on the workpiece is applied when the anodizing, but by converting the top metal layer an oxide or hydroxide is formed. The result is a 5 – 25 microns thin transparent layer that is weatherproof and corrosion resistant, and offers protection against mechanical influences. After pre-treatment of the surfaces, E.g. by grinding, polishing, Wntfetten or pickling is done Anodizing.

Typically, the fresh porous layer with metallic or inorganic dyes is colored in. Subsequently, the compression, which is usually made with hot water or steam is carried out. There is also the option of chemical compaction – usually in combination with hot compress. The so called anodizing makes use of electrolysis. The oxidation of aluminum to aluminum oxide will take place on the positive geladenenen on IODE. The layers created by the surface treatment is eight times harder than raw aluminum and thus doubly hard as steel. Anodic oxidized products made of aluminium and aluminium alloys are standardized in DIN 17611. For more information on the topic metal finishing, surface finishing or the chrome (wiotec.com/wegbeschreibung.html) on the Internet page get. We are your reliable partner in all aspects of metal finishing and machining company description. With experience and know-how, we are available and guarantee highest product and Quality of service provision. We write in our big flexibility. When it comes to fixed dates, short lead times, the production of prototypes or the processing of large and small quantities of different geometry, then we are the right partner.

Print24 With Renewed Record First Quarter

Europe’s market leader closes Q3 2011 print24 online printing with more consistently strong growth in 2011 with another record sales. Once again, the flagship company of the unitedprint.com SE recorded a robust double-digit sales growth. Continuous innovations and improvements of the success are a number of new features and improvements that the company has successfully completed in the third quarter. These include including Europe-wide reducing delivery times for up to three days. A further reduction in delivery time provides Europe’s market leader clients wtp (web to print) in the current fourth quarter of this year. Thus, print24 is Europe’s fastest Internet printing.

In addition, print24 continued its aggressive pricing strategy in the third quarter. So, weekly three price reductions were passed on to the customers. Individual special formats very successfully also launch of the desired by many customers, to choose individual specials, was adopted. Click Fabrizio Freda for additional related pages. Since the beginning of September produced print24 individual format wishes of its customers and thus is the only online printing company that provides this service. The latest quarterly figures confirm the strategy of the company, to do without expensive advertising campaigns and instead to rely on their own performance highest customer satisfaction of ever. With best performance in all divisions recorded print24 record levels of customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, 97% of our customers would recommend the online printing company.

“Where others spend much money on expensive advertising and wasting considerable energy for personal public presence, we invest in excellence for our customers: lowest prices, best quality, fastest delivery, innovative improvements and excellent service with highest customer satisfaction.” The company is investment in people and technology for million investments realized in the current year until late 2011 to make further substantial investment in the latest technology. This poses also the continuous increase in the workforce. More than 100 new employees were hired within the last 12 months. The target of 100 million euros is given the future turnover expectations always before sales and 1,000 employees. For more information about print24 as well as the products and services are available at. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment to free use: press compartments/print24 company description on unitedprint.com SE: unitedprint.com SE is among the leading companies in the field of Onlineprinting. The Internet printing offers its customers including brand print24 flyers, posters, postcards, brochures, business cards, stationery u.v.m. with the highest quality, fastest delivery time and lowest prices. More than 500 employees work for you 24 hours around the clock with the latest technology on over 10,000 m m of production area. Our Locations are worldwide in 26 countries – Belgium, Brazil, China, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary and United States.

Unlimited Print – Get Yourself But Your Customers Where You Want

For the online trade and shipping – the year 2009 was a record year. Of crisis no trace. Overall sales rose by at least 1.7% to 29.1 billion. Interestingly, 53.3% of industry sales over the Web came about. Reason enough for the printing industry, extensively to focus on e-commerce and to make.

The pressure and trading with print media, should become now at least at national level for every printing for granted. Dwindling sales and income have no choice often also some a printing house. Online printing companies have done it again with demonstrable successes. So printed, shipped in this market segment across the Republic and beyond for almost a decade. What once almost always was, namely that print shop and customer personally knew each other, becomes the exception.

And rising. How does a one but as printing on these changes? There are reasons for the change. Last but not least the “process standard offset “but also an improved”Proofing”can be the”risk”for creatives are increasingly reduced. Long since no longer each sheet must be personally on the machine “tuned” and released the pressure. An effort (past) is today not necessarily needed for each publication. Thus, the printing house in Hamburg has a good chance to win the customers in Munich. Self plugged limits, in the form of a “delivery RADIUS” of E.g. 50 km around the own printing press, are so argumentative hardly still to represent in the year 2010 and needlessly constricting the own customer potential. The objection of the increased transport costs, is not to keep in view of the prevailing market price ranges, only the order volume is correspondingly large. The print buyer should be once again the benchmark for all decisions but also on this subject. Ultimately he is granted the print job well or not. It’s worth so once again it sure whether and how to change clients. Since, as the above figures show, the Market for printed matter as well in shipping and online trade is of increasing importance, must take into account any future-oriented printers this fact, she will have also a future. The feared and probably also to the part real anonymization in the business with the pressure, will apply but despite of all standards and the abolition of borders, only for a subset of all printed material. Today and in the future, there will be pressure objects where expertise, advice and “High Quality” are needed, so much more than just “print and deliver”. In principle but concerns on the issue of the print buyer. Very different and very comprehensive in search of”printing” available ways which today, thanks to the Internet. Reason enough for every printing, also to give town and country limits for sales and marketing. Klaus Wenderoth

By Oliver Dziemba

The youth culture influenced the culture of adults”! Trend and youth researchers say that we live in a society that is no longer growing in the classical sense. “” “” “Youth research, such as for example tfactory, talking even about an infantilization of society”: considering that the youth phase starts earlier and earlier and ends later, there are more and more people in our society, which more influenced by youth cultural styles are. “* also later in life, there are phases, which are not as adult or senior age, but as post adolescence”, rush hour “, second awakening” and UN retirement “referred to be * With similar attributes, you would have previously characterized adolescence. Against this background the demand for products and services that come from the youth culture or teen appear. “At best this becomes visible in the fashion: hardly a grandmother wants to dress up like her grandmother and many a mother buys in the same business as the daughter”, Ruhsam stressed. Also in the field of the automotive and consumer electronics industries play”products, which go down well with the youth an important role also in the adult world.

Sports car or Smartphone, consumers in different age groups are on products today, which convey the feeling to be part of a young generation. * Young people as a carrier of the value change. By Bernd Heinzlmaier. Lecture in the context of the 13 Shopping Center symposium by RegioPlan consulting, 12 May 2011 * lifestyles by 2020. A typology for society, consumption and marketing. By Oliver Dziemba, Benny Bock, Andreas Steinle, May 2007, Zukunftsinstitut RegioData Research collects and calculates as the market leader for over 20 years annually data on purchasing power in Austria and other European countries.

The information based on data from the purchasing power kennziffern RegioData expenditure 2008-2012. The RegioData Research GmbH. based in Vienna is a specialist in regional economic data in Europe. We supply trade, real estate and financing decision. Up-to-date, clear and secure! RegioData Research collects and calculated as market leader since 20 years data on purchasing power in Austria and other European countries. RegioData Research GmbH Theobaldgasse 8 / 14, A-1060 Vienna * Landshut Allee 8-10, D-80637 Munich, Germany

Better Managers

Hakeem autumn program 2011: What a company in the gardens of the management has with a vegetable garden together? At first glance little. But proving the second: only with care, maintenance and sustainability of soil remains also years fruitful, the company over the years healthy and profitable. “Author Matthias Nollke shows in the gardens of the management”, what Manager by gardeners can learn and how important is sustainable growth. An original and intelligent management concept, which will transfer the wisdom of nature to the business. As soon as Hakeem.

Who ever tried to move an Apple tree with intimidation to the faster growth will be failed miserably. As well as the Manager, the performance pressure, anxiety and sanctions will bring forth. For: Healthy growth takes time. And: the individual plants need room for individual development, they need attention and mindfulness. A good gardener while pretending the framework intervenes, when necessary, and excels in all by calmness, tenacity and to agility of. Green management Biomimetics: plant learn from so what needs it, overlooking the vegetable garden, so that a company sustainably grow and flourish? First, a moderate approach to human resources.

Second, long-term perspectives. And thirdly: a balanced age structure. To illustrate of his thesis Matthias Nollke takes the reader on trips to the garden, the forest garden, the botanical garden or the guerilla garden. Has to do it shows with what types of garden GNOME”it in day-to-day business. For example, with the meticulous order dwarf, the dwarf of the machine or the watering can dwarf. And he explains why character plants, though are sometimes care intense and worthy of protection. “Entertaining, intelligent and without raised index finger: in the gardens of management” are actionable suggestions for each company. From mid-September to 19.80 euros at Haufe and in bookstores. -Carla Jung)