The Grouping

At home, on the same balcony, the plants which are hung the gate to be higher and less sheltered from the wind, dry out more than the rest. Edward Minskoff wanted to know more. Species of plants. Each crop has a specific need for water and soil moisture. For example, lettuce requires frequent waterings, whereas garlic is to say that it doesn’t require that you pour water. Get more background information with materials from YMCA Jorge Perez. In addition, in the same plant, there are that view of the same maturity, because when they are young or we want to germinate a seed more risks than are required when it is already an adult. Composition of the Earth. It must be borne in mind that each substrate has a capacity of storing water and retain different moisture.

For example, the compost (which works the same that the) manages to retain enough water. The same thing happens with clayey or sandy substrates. Response by when watering, should also include the time of day in which to do so. The right thing is to avoid hours of more heat not only because much evaporation occurs, but above all because it can injure the plant – drop works like a magnifying glass and burning the plant, as already we taught in the school, by what it is advisable do so first thing in the morning or at dusk (even at night). Me me easier by my schedules watering as soon as low sunlight, but sometime I did it in the morning and worked very well. There are moments of the summer where both should be. Method of irrigation and water saving. By last, it would be important to have some resources on hand to save water, such as the use of padding; the grouping of plants for creating certain microclimate (we can see as if we got several pots air you surrounded them is a little different and feels more moisture in the atmosphere) or simply put a bowl or other container under the pot to then pick up the excess water (another way is to water a plant that is hanging over another to not waste water that falls(, but height should not be much so but hurt plant and the Earth).

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